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Optimal indoor temperature range?

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It's been in the upper 80s (F) here in Philadelphia this week! (This is really quite unusual for April--today the forecasted high is higher than that in Tampa!) My apartment stayed relatively cool until last night, when it just didn't cool down. So, I turned on the central air for the first time since we've been living there.

Anyway, I wanted to know if there's an optimal environmental temperature range for cats. I figure that in the winter, their heating needs are about the same as mine, but I'm not so sure about the hot weather. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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I would think it would similar for pets and humans. As long as they have plenty of water available. My cats enjoy laying in front of a fan on warmer days.
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Mine are spoiled, they prefer it to be no more than 74 in the house....hmmm.... so do I.
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Well, I would tend to just sweat it out during hot weather (always trying to save a bit of money), but I'm not sure that would be best for the cats. I wouldn't want to leave a fan running during the day since I'm away at work--I'd be worried that they'd knock it over.
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Most cats seem to prefer it nice and warm, but not hot. I have noticed that once the temperature gets into the upper 80's and higher, they get really lazy and try to seek out cooler areas. Amber and Boris are a different story however. They like it very cool. When it is overly warm in here, they walk around panting like dogs. We lost power for 3 days about 3 weeks ago. It was 48 degrees in the house. My other cats cuddled with us to stay warm, Amber and Boris ran around here loving the cool temperatures.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Unless your house is getting 110 or something, they will be fine. Just make sure they have fresh water.
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