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What some people do is disturbing

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Windsor is a Canadian border city, immediately south (yes south) of Detroit

I hope the guilty parties in this story get punished severely. Unfortunately, I don't think much has changed in Canadian law, since two teens were given the pathetic maximum sentence of just six months, for making a videotape of themselves skinning a cat alive, back in 2001.

It' enough to make you want to take the law into your own hands....


WINDSOR—A woman who left her home in the temporary care of a couple returned to make a gruesome discovery in the refrigerator: a pot containing the remains of what appeared to be a cooked cat.

"It is strange, there is no question about it," Windsor police Staff Sgt. Ed McNorton said yesterday about the alleged killing and eating of the pet. "We've seen animal abuse before ... but nothing like this."

Officers were called to a west-end duplex Sunday night by a woman who had left her apartment in the care of a 24-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman.

The tenant came home to find the place abandoned and in disarray. Then she looked in the fridge.

"It was absolutely disgusting, I couldn't believe it," said neighbour Sherry Hughes, who entered the apartment and saw the animal's remains.

Police suspect it's all that's left of Prowler, who lived with the Hughes family and went missing less than a week earlier.

"It's very upsetting, very, very heartbreaking," said Hughes, adding her children and grandmother are distraught.

The couple that lived temporarily in the house were interviewed by detectives yesterday morning and released pending further investigation.
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I only read the title of the article and couldn't read anymore I can kind of guess what it is about and hope that the sick ppl that do this kind of thing get what they deserve
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Oh goodness, that is simply disgusting.
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There is an extra-hot place in you-know-where for the sick sick sick people who would so such a thing
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I would agree. Our government has been stalling the process of passing Bill C-22 (or variations of) for years, which would establish tougher anti-cruelty laws. Last I heard the Senate had reached 2nd reading, but had not yet reached royal assent (to be passed as legislation).

At any rate, this site seems to be updated regularly if you would like more information about this bill.

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I know I am being blunt, but if our lawmakers don't do enough to protect children, why would anyone think they would care about animals? Both continue to die horrible deaths every day, decent people keep pushing for better laws... where are they?
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it's horrible! these people are insane! how anyone could do such a thing is beyond me, my husband told me stories about when he was a kid these boys in his school would catch cats, put them in a bag, soak it in kerosene, light it on fire and throw it off the bridge! what do parents teach their children! i'd like to light them on fire and skin them see how they liked it!...sorry but my heart breaks to hear of such abuse! i'm in idaho and there are no laws here regarding the treatment of cats...there are laws for dogs and horses, and goats, and even giraffes! but none whatsoever for cats...it's disgusting!
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That makes me sooooooooooooooo angry! I would love to give those people what they deserve...
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It's really sad, because people who do those sort of things to animals usually end up doing them to people as well. They "graduate" from animal killers to murderers. People who torture and kill animals also usually have severe insecurity issues and often are unable to have normal sexual relations. I knew a guy in high school who would brag about the twisted ways he killed cats but since I knew what I did about serial killer mentality all my ears heard was him bragging about how impotent he was. In other words these people are simply #)$@less.
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What is this world coming to? What the Hell is the matter with people?
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That is totally horrifying. The laws need to be much tougher. Its beyond me how any human could do something like this. I want to say they should be zoo food, but that won't fly, so stiff jail time working in a chain gang in the hot sun and being BRANDED with the words "ANIMAL ABUSER" ...for starters!
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That makes me sick!
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That's just insane. I don't understand how people can even think about doing these things to animals. I'm writing a paper right now on the animal abuse/people abuse connection for my Peace and Justice class and I'm beginning to wish I hadn't started. I cannot fathom how people can be so evil and how so many people just don't seem to care because they are "only animals."
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