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I can't really say, because I've never really "picked out" a pet, but have always let them pick me out. I've had more luck with male cats, though, meaning two females had to be rehomed (one because she kept attacking the dog, and the other because Jamie wouldn't accept her), one developed kidney cancer, and another (indoor/outdoor) was run over by a truck.
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No preference here, however we can't keep alot of boys since we breed cats. That's why we have mostly females!
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Growing up I always had female cats so when I got my own (kaya) and he was a boy,I just stuck to male cats b/c someone told me they would get along better,I would love to have another female but whenever I look for cats Im always attracted to the males for some reason.
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I'm partial to males. Big goofy friendly ones, but really I know I would love a girl too if she was meant to be my cat.
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I like boys, cause I always wanted to have a baby brother before.
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Well, i had always been told that male cats were more friendly and affectionate, so when i went to the shelter to pick out a cat, i was looking for a male. However, as soon as Adia rolled over on her back and reacher her paws out to me through the cage, i knew she was mine regardless of sex. I found out she was a girl and I still fell in love with her and brought her home. She's mommy's girl now!
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