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do you have a preference?

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When it comes to getting a new kitten, or adopting one, do you have a preference of wether you want it to be a boy or girl?

I love all my cats, I really do, but when i was a kid my grandmother would only let me have boy cats because they dont produce kittens and they are cheaper to get fixed. But I love having my mummy's girl, until i got Heidy I always dreamed of having a girl cat. But of course, I love my boys, even if they are a bit more naughter

whats your preference?
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I like little girls Don't know why i prefer girls though?!, maybe it's because nearly all my parents cats were girls?!.
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I always go for boys now. I've had Jimmy, Norman, and the three I've got now, Raffles, Bruno and Rosso. They have all been/are really good "people" cats, loving to spend time with us, lazing on our laps, sleeping on our beds etc. They've also been sociable, "talking", head butting, etc. Of all these Raffles is probably the most aloof, he will only ever sit on my husband's lap - it must be a male bonding thing - and doesn't like petting in front of the kittens - he likes to look tough.

In contrast, I've had one female, Sophie, now deceased, bless her. We got her at only 6 weeks, the youngest of any of our cats and she was a beautiful kitten. Unfortunately she grew up into an aloof cat, not requiring humans other than to open her can food. She didn't like petting and if we went into a room where she was, she would choose to leave and settle down somewhere else. Still, she was a placid little soul and we miss her. I suspect it was the first 6 weeks of her life, she was a rescue cat, raised to a very young mother, by a lady who ran a livery stable and took in one or two rescues. Sophie and her siblings were born and nursed in her bathroom and the lady was so busy I suspect they had little handling/human contact in the first few weeks.

I know loads of people will immediately post telling me how wrong I am, but we've always gone for boys since. I do realise though that it's probably the cat's nature, not the gender, that determines its personality.
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I think if I didn't already have Waffle I'd go pretty much either way. However, it appears that Waffle gets on better with female cats. Any male she's come in contact with she's had problems with, but not as much with females, so I think any pet I get from here on out (cat or otherwise) will be a female (as long as I have Waffle). Have to make the princess happy!!
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i originally was looking for a female kitten, but when i met teufel i just didnt care anymore!
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I don't have a preference! Either way, they'll be my baby! I have a boy and a girl at the moment and if I were to get any more kitties, I wouldn't mind what sex they were!
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ALL kitties are precious to me, boys and girls. I have had roommates and friends who have had boy cats that have been absolute JOYS. They make the WONDERFUL lap cats and, yes, most boy cats I've met have been the best "people cats".
However, I've always had girls and will probably continue to do so. The kitty love of my life, my first cat Stormy, was the sweetest girl imaginable and I think Eponine has followed in her footsteps. I love my girls, as aloof as they may be sometimes. There's just something fun about coming home and saying "Hi my little girls!"
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I lean heavily towards boys. I had a a girl cat growing up and it could have just been her personality but she wasn't a people cat. While my boys are total lovers and lap cats.
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Don't care either, they are all my babies.
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I love all of my babies but I do prefer the behavior of females. Oscar is very needy, I can't leave him alone for a weekend like I do my girls. He cries a lot, and he *snaps* at times and attacks the girls. I love him more than life itself but girls are easier to live with.
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I have 3 of both sexes.

My boycats are WAY more sociable, playful, and people-oriented than my girlcats!!! Of my 6 cats, I only chose 3 of them. I adopted 2 girls and one of the boys. The other cats were cast-off or strays that I took in, so they chose ME.

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I know some nice male cats, but I prefer girl kitties.
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I have 2 of each. Their personality determines my selection not their sex!!
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I've had good females and bad females, but roxygo is the first male I've had. He's iffy at best. Moody and annoying and kind of a spaz. but i love him
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I just pick up the kitten (or kittens) and one will feel just right and that's the one I pick - whatever sex it happens to be will be what I get.
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I love any and all kitties. Sierra is my sweet little girl, though! If I was going to actually make the choice instead of adopting one that found me, I would probably get another little girl!
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I've had both and can't say I have a preference. I love all my babies.
Have noticed a difference in personality between the girls and boys, but
don't think you can generalize. My girls are more shy and can be a little moody. My boys, Willy (RIP) and Pete, are more outgoing and laidback.
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I've had a total of four cats, three boys and one girl. All are/were real lovers and until Red Cat got too big for my lap, all were definitely lap cats. The boys have all been frightened to death of any other human being, but that relates to their earlier life on the streets, not to their sex. Since I allow my cats outside, boy cats are more of a hassle, as even though they are neutered, all three of mine have been extremely territorial and would get in more fights.
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I honestly love all my kits the same, and Tiggy, being a boy, is the most loveable thing in the world. I can't get enough of him. Petals, my youngest girl, is the apple of my eye, and Trixie is her mommy's lovebug!! Doesn't matter one way or another to me.......love em all!!!
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i always preferred the females, but the most loveable cats i've had seem to be males, i've heard that male cats prefer female owners, but i think it depends on the cat, at one time i had 11 cats, and the boys all seemed to love me more than the girls, but i have a female now that adores me, so i think it's about personality not sex
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Both my brownie and mui mui are boys. I guess they are cheapest and easiler to get fix. They play rough with my hubby a lot. However, they do not look decent when they laid around on their back, especially when there is guest around.

I had a female cat before, she was given to us when she was 6 months old. She get heated a lot of time and was really unpleasant. Maybe that is why I prefer a male cat.
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I have always prefered male cats. I have 3 females right now and two males....but I have always prefered the males.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
I honestly love all my kits the same, and Tiggy, being a boy, is the most loveable thing in the world. I can't get enough of him. Petals, my youngest girl, is the apple of my eye, and Trixie is her mommy's lovebug!! Doesn't matter one way or another to me.......love em all!!!
I think the same way like Susie!

But This time we choose male!
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This thread just touched my heart and it's not even a sad thread! When I decided it was time to adopt again, I wanted a rescued kitty who needed a home. I automatically thought it would be a little boy, to replace our beloved Freddie with another younger boy pal for Sasha. That was my preference. I had a very emotional time thinking about another girl, after the loss of my best friend of 11 years, SiSi. But the call came from a member on this site for who is now our Saba.......a little girl. Life works in mysterious ways!
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I don't usually get a choice. BUT if I did, I would choose boys. I've had three male kitties in my life. They were all such cuddlers and very attentive to their Mommy. Not to say that I don't love my girls because I absolutely do. I think I like males because they are larger, too.

My hubby prefers the girl cats and most of them end up being Daddy's girls

I know it might be just the way it has turned out in my family, but that it my experience. Most of the strays that have appeared at my house are girls
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a (fixed) boy!

they're more mushy, they're not as head-strong as girls are, and they're more easy-going plus, girls always seem to be moody and have major attitudes.
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I never got to pick any of my pets...they always seem to pick me!! I seem to be destined to live with boys, though. There's my hubby, my stepson and his friends, all my cats are boys, even my bird was a boy! I swore that the next being that came to live in our house would be a girl. Then I met my little Forest boy, and he wobbled into my heart and stuck there.
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i prefer females because i don't have to worry about spraying... & the neutering fee is only about $5.00 more where i take mine.
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I had boy kitties as a child and got a boy kitty for my parents when Sooty died. But for our kitties we chose girls (well, we didn't actually choose Adelaide, she chose us - but it wouldn't have mattered if she was a boy). If I was to choose another kitty - it would be a girl.
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The only time I've really had a choice was with Shasta. For whatever reason, I decided that I wanted a female, and that's what I got. Later two boys came into our lives, as adults, because they needed a new home. Next we thought we were getting a girl and a boy, but the boy turned out to be Samantha. Cindy and Fawn were a pair looking for a home.

For me, whatever kitty needs a home when we're ready to increase our population is the kitty I want. But at some point I would like to have a male kitten. We've had boys, but not as kittens, and I'd love to experience that.
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