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new member--quick introduction

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I'm a new member and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Liz and I live live with my husband just outside Detroit. We currently have 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 4 rats, and fish, so I guess we qualify as bigtime animal-lovers. In addition to my pets, I enjoy horse-back riding and take lessons once a week.

Anyhow, my alpha cat is Oliver (or Ollie), a big, kinda fat long-haired orange cat. I got him as my 21st birthday present from an aunt, who took me to the Humane Society shelter to pick him out. He'd been a stray and seems to seem me as his mom, since he loves to knead me and lick my clothes. I've never had the kind of bond with another animal that I have with my Ollie--of all our critters, he's my true baby (just don't tell the dogs I said that!).

Malcolm is my husband's cat, primarily. He's a black shorthair and wants to be a tough guy. With Oliver around, though, he'll never be top cat. Malcolm is a softie at heart anyhow, and will carefully groom the other cats' faces for them.

Finally, our third cat is Gunnar. Gunnar was rescued from a friend who had had far too many animals dumped on her and had to keep him in a cage for the better part of most days. Gunnar is a beautiful gray cat with long silky fur, curly white whiskers, white paws, a white bib, and a little dash of white right under his nose. He is a total sweetie and thus, the low cat in the pecking order. His purr is one of the loudest I've ever heard, and I've known a lot of cats!

Anyhow, those are my kitties. I love'em to pieces and could go on at great lengths about them. I'm enjoying this website and am sure to post again soon. Until then, I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!
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Welcome aboard! You'll love it here..the members are very knowledgable and angels to boot

:tounge2: :eye&mouth :icecream: :jarswim:
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Welcome to the site!!! Nice to have you here!! Your cats sound lovely, I also have a big black boy who likes to think hes tough...but he's just a big mummas boy really!! He loves his cuddles and suckles on me any chance he gets!! I also have three other babies, and as of this weekend I shall have two more!! Yey!! Anyway nice to meet you and hope to see you posting often!!
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Hi housetrolls! So glad you could join us. Welcome to a wonderful site full of great advice and cute kitties!
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Welcome, welcome. welcome
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Welcome housetrolls!

Love your name, and your cats sound pretty loveable too!

You'll find a lot of great people here, loads of good advice, and a ton of wonderful stories too! :laughing2:
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Welcome to the Catsite!! I know you'll enjoy it here.
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Liz, WELCOME!!! *hugs* Your cats sound so adorable!!! I have had pet rats all my life until just recently, my last one died, but I am going to get another one soon! I just love rats! Rats & Cats, what a combo!!! :laughing:

I hope you make yourself at home here, and post often, I look forward to hearing more from you!
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