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Curtians + Cat = Trouble

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So I thought that I would share this, I am now on my 3rd pair of bedroom curtains because somebody (with a black furry coat and massive eyes) has this habit of climbing up them then absailing down

The last episode happened on Saturday but this time, the curtain pole came down as well as a chunk of my bedroom wall. He is so weighty now that if he climbs on something like that and will insist on swinging etc he will break things... One of the sitting room curtains has a rip in as well but luckily, where they crease you can't see it...

Bedroom door remains shut from now on

Anyone relate?
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I have to admit Gilly!, neither of mine have ever tried to climb the curtains

They've broke many vases though!, but i've been lucky really.

You have to get us a picture of Guinness in action!
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My cats don't try to climb the curtains but they do sometimes try to shred them! We have lost many sets of blinds due to them!
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Even if I try to sneak up on him he has jumped down before I get the chance to tell him off or even take a picture!

As for vases, I had two matching on each side of the mantle in the living room... both went like dominos at the same time and because I have wooden floors, both shattered A glass lamp has been a victim as well (lucky I got there in time to hoover up all the shards otherwise someone would have hurt himself...) blah!

*I think I should baby proof the flat*
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You know what they say?, their like kids, into everything!!
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i've never really had too much a problem, Heidy and Monty used to do it when they were kittens, once Heidy climbed right on top of the curtain pole when she was a kitten and I was so scared she would hurt herself, I started with a "Heidy Shannon, you get down from there right now!" but then I had to coax her down by showing her the cat treats, lol.

One weird thing she did once though, I was cooking fish one night and I heard this *scratch scratch* coming from outside, I turned around only to see this little furry thing climbing the screens on the window from outside!, she loves her fish
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Bf;s mum has given us a set of curtains that you buy from ikea, they are gray and she is constantly buying new curtains!
anyway i had layed them on the couch, and needless to say that teufel had claimed them! one of them is already ripped, so bf had demanded that we dont put them up! We live on the roof anyway so its not like we need them
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Naughty Teafel... I hope that the curtains were not too expensive?

I have since fixed my bedroom curtains but have bought the cheapest curtain panels that I could find - £6.99 from a market stall!!! That way, if they go again I don't have to keep spending a small fortune each time Guin gets creative
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Out of all of my furbabies, Zorro is the only one who messes with curtains. I have nothing but sheers... no heavy drapes and definitely no blinds. Just sheers. Well Zorro just LOVES to lick and chew on the sheers!!! There's little teethmarks in my dining room sheers & my bedroom canopy sheers. Not sure why he does that really, the licking & chewing thing.
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LOL! Gotta love cats! Mine just trash blinds. We need to go out and purchase new drapes and curtains for our home, but I keep putting it off, because I know what is going to happen. The other day I saw a product that really intrigued me.It was a new type of window where there are two pieces of glass and between the two glass windows, they install blinds. You just press a button, and the blinds come down and completely cover the window, but they are most definitely cat proof.
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Hissy, we have those blinds at work - they are so cool! But then you will be faced with another problem - cat paws / nose prints on the glass to clean off!!! haha

(Sorry I posted this topic in the wrong place btw )
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I don't know if the tall cat tree is the answer, but Mika and Bijou don't climb on anything but that! Phew! Thank goodness.
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I have been thinking of getting some sort of cat tree for Guin, but like with everything else I buy him he gets fed up after a couple of weeks! He is like a kid hey? When you give them a present and they are only interested in playing with the box lol

He also has plenty of things to climb outside, there are so many high fences and sheds around here it must be paradise if you are a cat!
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