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Rolling around in dirt?

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Why does Moo cat enjoy rolling around in dirt? He seems to prefer a neighbor's flower bed that was recently covered with a fine, sandy topsoil.

His soft, silky, white fur becomes dingy looking and he leaves a sandy, dirt residue on my chair cushions that I just washed!
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All of mine do that one time or another. The drier the soil, the better. They enjoy it so I don't mind. They clean themselves later anyway.
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I've noticed that all of my furries, including the dogs, like to roll in dirt or the grass. I think it's kinda like scratching themselves or something, I dunno.
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i think its a scratching thing....Presley has a HUGE grin when he gets to roll in the dirt
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lol! Mooie did look really happy while rolling around and he did clean himself later, but you should see that chair cushion. Well, he still enjoys sleeping on it.
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They seem to pick the worst spot to roll around in. I can be in the vegetable garden weeding. Ox is rolling around in the garden-at least why doesn't he roll on the grass-I guess that would make to much sense!!
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I never noticed any of my cats doing that until Big Cheese the cat I had that passed this year. He loved rolling in the dirt in my basement it was so odd to see. I think he liked it because it was cool dirt.
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haha my beloved past kitty Bushee did that, my parents called it a "dirt bath"
my theory "get a cat, loose the furniture"
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Meow-Meow, my cat who passed last year, loved rolling in dirt like nothing else. I'd use a dampened (and no longer white!) washcloth on him before he came in - helped the furniture a bit...
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All animals like dirt baths - from birds to horses. It helps them clear grease and sweat from their skin and fur. But it can be annoying for owners! I remember a horse I had who rolled in the compost heap - you never smelled anything so bad. And Persil, with her white fur, rolls in the dust as soon as she goes into the garden each morning.
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haha it seems clean white cats love to roll in the dirt. My boyfriend's cat Kiki love to do that when ever she is outside.
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