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Help Lumpy Cat

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I Am the Mother Of four Cats MY eldest is three years old and not spaded I know she is the only one who isnt but she never goes out and she was real sick about a year ago with distemper I know I had two cats at the time brought in a cute stray my cats were behind on shot bang One died and one lived A hard lesson learned at there expense Todays problem is The one that lived Jinx has lumps I notice a week ago almost like her Nipples are swollen No temp She is EAting Fine could this be cancer or do some females in heat do this I scared help
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Lumps can really be anything. But because she is not spayed,and is older there can be concern. Can you get her to the vet?
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She is only three yea but i guess the big thing is im scared
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Then why not just take her to the vet asap?
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Please take her to the vet. Lumps can mean alot of things.
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Im going to take her to the vet in the morning and nothing said would have change that i just wanted to know what it could be I read some where earlier that cats can get breast cancer That sorta thing Scared myself so I wanted to know what else it could be but dont worry I made her a app. as soon as i felt them
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the best thing to do is not assume the worst, since that will drive you crazy and your cats may feel that neg energy and get even more stressed,

& do what you can for your cats. I would also make sure they are spayed, given their shots, etc before they leave the vet. Please, it is part of responsible care...and let us know what happens.
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let us know how the vet visit goes!
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I Took MY Cat to the vet this morning turns out She thinks she is pregnant her body is reacting to hormones she is getting milk in The vet said it was more common in Dogs but Felines get this condition as well wich will clear up by its self in two or three weeks then she can be spayed
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