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Funny story....

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Today I was over at my mom's helping her work in the yard. Of course I am in jeans and a tank top all sweaty and gross but hey, we were putting dirt in her yard so I wasn't exactly trying to look nice. LOL
Well, I forgot that we ordered some things from Drs Foster and Smith and today was the delivery date. I had to get another cuddle cup for Salem's sister since before long they will not fit in one together. Anyway, as I am sweating up a storm and full of dirt, here comes the fed ex guy! My mom's like, "well go get the package from him" I thought, oh great, I am so embarassed!
Of course packages don't get delivered when I look nice and clean! he he he
Just had to share with ya.
Have any of you had this happen?
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Yip, but the couriers normally come here when I've just gotten out of the shower or I'm in my jammies and since we only have one door and it is at the back of house and you can't get to it unless you pass by the three dogs, well I have to go out to the street!
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