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I am moving to a different apartment in a couple of weeks and I feel bad uprooting cj, esp. since he just got settled here (it took about 3 months). The new place will be just me and him so he will have free range of the apartment all the time instead of just when someone is home. He was kinda skittish for a long time and in the past week he has started being much more trusting to strangers, even letting them hold and love on him instead of hiding. How can I do this without starting all over with him? Its just down the road a bit, so not a long road trip, but with all the people coming in and out moving boxes and furniture, I am scared that he might be tramatized. So I guess the question is how can i make this easy and most comfortable for him. I am asking in enough time to buy anything if i need to. I should also add, he is scared of boxes so he freaks out with a pet carrier, he is terrified of outside, so he needs to be outside only being transported from one place to the other. What can I do to get him ready, what can i do to make him comfortable once he gets over there... The carpets will be cleaned and the walls will be painted freshly so I am hoping any other smells that might bother him will be gone.
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You might consider investing in a Feliway plugin. They are expensive, but they can help keep your kitty calm. I would figure out what you will be using to transport him, and leave the box/carrier/etc. out for the next few weeks. That way it isn't such a scarey thing when he has to be in it. On moving day, I would put him in the bathroom with a litterbox and either his bed (if he has one) or something that smells familiar and comforting to him (such as a piece of clothing that you've worn). By putting him in the bathroom, he won't be underfoot while people move things, won't run out the front door, and will feel a little more comfortable and safe.

He should be the last thing moved to the new apartment, and the furniture should be in place. When you get to the new place, make sure his equipment (litterbox, etc.) is ready to go. I would start by letting him explore one room at a time if he's particularly skittish.

Last thing...tell him what is going on. Explain in a soothing voice as you are starting to pack, that you will be moving soon. He may not understand the words exactly, but he might.

I just moved my two cats to a new apartment, and they spent the first few nights running around and crying. After that, they calmed down and realized this was their new space.
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It's nice you're going to somewhere freshly painted and carpeted- the smell of previous animal occupants can upset some cats a lot, that shouldn't be a problem for CJ at all. Is there somewhere he can go before the move starts until it's all over and the house and you are settled, with all your things unpacked and set out? I moved around a lot a few years ago, and I tried several ways to help the cats through it, and the best move they had was when they went into a cat kennels before I started packing, and came to the new house when it was all over and I had time to spend with them. Everything was set out, all the familiar furniture and smells were there, they had none of the stress of packers, strangers, boxes, crashing in and out, the vehicles or me going through the inevitable hassle of moving and radiating stress! They cased the new house from top to bottom and were happy in a few hours, where in other houses it had taken them days,

The feliway sounds like a very good idea, especially if you can get the new house drenched in it before you take CJ in there. Good luck with the move, hope it all goes well and smoothly!
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We just moved in October and were afraid of the same things you are. We put them in a room (in the new apartment)with their food, litterbox, and blankies before we moved anything.

Then we moved all of the furniture and etc into the new place, all except for that one room. Once the rest of the house was settled (a couple of hours) we let them out to explore. They cried the first night or two but they actually love it a lot more then the old place.

We made sure all of their familiar things were unpacked before anything else.

I would suggest you at least take a blanket or stuffed animal that your cat loves and make sure you rub it on your cat then keep it with him/her during the move so they will have a familiar smell with them at all times.

Our experience wasn't traumatic at all. As long as you plan things out very well and you aren't stressed out then your can't won't be stressed out. Your cat will pick up on your anxiety.
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I am lucky in fact that its a one bedroom in the same complex, about 3 small buildings down. (they have 6 apartments in front, 6 in back) It will be more space for him I think because the room is bigger as well as the living room, and I dont have to keep him in my room when I am in class (roomie's rule) It will be just a matter of carrying the stuff over there and setting it down. I am not even really using boxes as I am organized and every thing is pretty much in containers anyway. I will get the feliway and have it plugged in to start with. As for packers and movers it will be my dad and friend moving the big stuff and me loading the truck and moving it down 2 buildings. I think we can do it in 3 hours tops.

Weird though, cj doesnt have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. He has a bunch of stuffed animals and he ignores them. I think I am his favorite thing to sleep on... well he does lay on the towel in the window a lot, I can use it. It was put there to keep out drafts, but then it stayed to keep him from scratching the window sill when he jumps up and down.

I think I may be able to lock him in the bathroom while we move. Since he gets so stressed when we go outside (its heartbreaking when he gives these pitiful meows, every time I almost cry) I think it might be our best bet. He knows most of us that will be moving. That is a great tip about the kennel if you are moving a good distance though!

If you have any other tips please let me know!
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