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Kittens and litter boxes

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Hey I am having a little bit of a problem. I have kittens that are a little over a month. And one of the kittens will poop right next to the litter box instead of in it. Why??? They all have thier own boxes, and they are very low in height
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Oh who knows why any of them do anything they do???? ROFL Seriously though, instead of cleaning up the poop and flushing it away, simply put it in the litter and if you SEE baby in the act, immediately scoop her up and put her in the litter. If you don't catch her in the act, then take the poop and as I said, put it in the litter. Next time she goes by there, she will see/smell it and hopefully, she will do her business in the box.
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Hi Gayef, I actually did that. I put the poop in her box, and try to catch her in the act. I took the roasting pan and replaced it with a cookie sheet. Im not sure if she is scared of the pan or not. Well see.
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The idea of a baby being frightened of a roasting pan amuses me greatly. LOL But then, just about everything cats do amuses me, so there you have that.

Let me know how it goes ... I feel like I have been following your babies since birth and have a personal stake now. *grin*
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Well, today I haven't found her pooping on the floor. Right now she is eating mush like its her last meal. I am kinda concerned about 2 of them though. They wont eat anything besides Momma milk. And mom is getting to the point where she doesn't stay long to feed them. What can I do? Casper seems pretty bony compared to the rest.
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Keep offering the mush. Sooner or later, they will take it. It helps if you smear a little on their lips so they can lick it off. You can try smearing on the paw, but babies don't get the idea to groom sometimes until a little later on ... I just smear a small dollop on their little lips and lick lick lick. Then they tend to dig right in with the rest.

If any of the babies are looking bony - you can try to syringe the mush in but sometimes that causes more problems than it solves. When they are this young, individuals may still need that bonding time nursing on Mom - and may not be quite ready to give that up.
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I found that when i was bottle feeding Shadow she did not understand what the litter box was for until she got to watch what the other cats were in there doing. She was sort of like OHHH thats what that big scary pit is for ... okay ...then she atleast started to dig around in it .. and then finally started going in it.
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Well I took the idea of smearing the mush on their lips, Pepper started biting my finger for more so I put him in front of the plate and he looked like the hoover vaccuum. As for Casper she still wants nothing to do with it
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