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An ironic way to go...

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On March 4 my boyfriend got a phone call from my dad asking if he knew of any good vets (my bf has rhodesian ridgebacks) and I knew straight away that something was seriously wrong with my baby boy Reebok.
The following morning we went to my dad's place so I could take Reebok to the vet. While waiting at the vet Reebok suddenly got very stressed and sunk his claws into my face, just above my eyebrow (that was the first time I was truely greatfull for wearing glasses).
When we finall got to see the vet I knew this was going to be the end and I had to make the hardest desision of my life, to have Reebok put to sleep The vet then told me that he had internal bleeding as a result of being hit by a car.
For a cat that very, very rarely left the front yard it was an ironic way to go. I got him cremated and where ever I go, I know Reebok will always be with me.
He was born on Christmas day 1991 and I watched him being born and in that instant I knew he and I were destined to be together.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Reebok. I just lost my Spydee on the 10th of April and I know how much it hurts. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
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I am so sorry to hear that. You gave your friend the gift of crossing over rainbow bridge and being rejuvinated. I had to do the same thing with my jessie of 17 years.
You are right, Reebok will always be with you.
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Your Reebok is very beautifull and looks like a larger version of my Hardrive. He was only four months old when he was killed by a car just this last weekend.

I am very sorry for your loss and the pain you must be feeling.

You are right his spirit will always be with you.
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I'm sorry for your loss, My thoughts are with you
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Thanks to all.

For a couple of weeks after he died I felt guilty that I wasn't with him all the time, because I live with my boyfriend, but when I sat back and thought about it I knew that I shouldn't feel guilty as every moment I spent with him was precious.
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Awww hon, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Reebok! Please know that he is no longer in pain, and is happy and healthy at the Bridge. {{{HUGS}}}} for you during this difficult time.
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Aw I'm sorry to hear this!
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He is a beautiful cat. It is always a difficult decision to make but you did the very best for Reebok.
You are in my thoughts.
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I am sorry to hear of your loss. But you were with him at the end. He was in pain and now is not. He will always be with you. My thoughts are with you both
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Teresa, oh my sweet dear, I am so sorry. I do know how deeply you cared for Reebok (I loved that name!). You did what was right and peaceful for him and he's going to be with you, always. It's funny, people said that to me after I had to put Freddie down, who was the light of our lives (RIP 11/9/03 ) and I wasn't ready to believe it. But 18 months later I "see" him in the backyard, in the shrubby knoll he loved, and I know it's true. You will feel Reebok everywhere and he was very lucky to have been loved by you. You're a great mama to all your kitties and please let me know if I can do anything for you. You have been there for me in great times of sorrow and now I am here for you.

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