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I love Raspberry Vinaigrette (sp?) but I also love Ranch as well. I don't like Ranch from a bottle, though. I like it when you can mix it yourself from the packets.
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Well I guess Ranch because I can't seem to find the cucumber dill stuff I like so well. I think they stopped making it.
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I like caesar...i think its a newmans brand....and I LOVE wishbone italian. I like catalina...but my all time favorite is a greek vinaigerette. MMMM...MMMM. Love it.
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I love love love ginger dressing (the kind you get at Japanese restaurants) more than life itself. I keep 2 bottles in my fridge at all times b/c I try to eat a salad every night.
Also, for all you Floridian TCS-ers...there is a great Spanish restaurant called the The Columbia (it has locations in Tampa, St. Augustine, Clearwater, Sarasota, and West Palm) and their 1905 salad is absolutely to-die-for! <--- Yes, it's THAT good! AND you can buy it online
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I usually ONLY eat italian, but if I had to pick something else it would be ranch. As far as italian goes, nothing beats the house usually, but at home I currently (and for about the last 5 yrs) have had an obsession with Marzetti's Italian.
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Honey Mustard, hands down.
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Bleu cheese and avocado ranch
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All time favourite would be Green Goddess.
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would it be tacky to say the Olive Garden house dressing???

I love love love just about any vinegrette--rasberry, onion, italian, blue cheese.....
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Honey mustard or Creamy Italian
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Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Creamy Italian, Yogurt and Chives.
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1,000 Island!
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I forgot honey mustard as well!
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Peppercorn ranch, olive garden's dressing, creamy italian or creamy ranch.
None of that fat-free tasteless stuff for me.

FYI: go to Search salad dressing seasonings!!!
I've bought lots of them and they are AWESOME.!!!!!!!
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My favorites are Catallina and Thousand Islands.
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