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Embarrassing day at the vet

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Today I had to take Princess to the vet because of some hair loss and scabs on her back near her tail. She has an attitude and is not afraid to show it. I was totally expecting some growling. Well we get to the vet and she was a perfect little angel for about the first 5 minutes while we were waiting in the waiting room. She had enough waiting and started voicing her opinion. She started with her normal occasional growl (she does this at home if things don't go her way). The minute they called us back to the exam room she became a TOTAL MONSTER. She did not stop growling and hissing the entire time the doctor was examining her. It was so loud that I heard people in the waiting room laughing at "the mean cat" that was being examined. It took 2 people wearing protective gloves to handle her because they were afraid she was going to attack. It got even worse when it came time to give her the antibiotic and antihistamine injections. She then really let everyone know they better back off or she will really let them have it. Luckily everything was done and it was time to go back in her carrier to go home. On the way out of the office several people were still laughing at her and looked at me like I was crazy for having such a nasty cat. Let's just say that was a long walk to the car.
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No monsters for me, but I can sympathize!!!
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I feel your embarrassment! Tucker was like that, too. They had to call in "The Cat Lady" to handle him & give him his de-worm pills because she fears nothing. Not only that, but he pooped in his carrier! The place was crowded, of course, I couldn't wait to get him home.
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I completely understand!!! Sammy growls like a dog and hisses the ENTIRE time we're at the vet, from the moment we walk through the door. The funny thing is, he was always ok with the vet and acting normally until he was neutered. When i brought him in for the surgery he was a happy guy, and when they brought him back to me he was growling and has every time he's gone there since then. I think he might know what they did to him......LOL!
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Poor Princess. Don't hold it against her. There have been plenty of times I'd like to growl and pitch a fit at the doctor's office, too.

The last time Mac went I asked if they could trim his nails. I always have to drop him off because he has to be pre-medicated before his injections. When I went to pick him up the lady up front called back on the speaker phone to let them know to bring Mac up to go home. The lady in the back called him a monster. I'm guessing that the nail trimming did not go very well. He's usually such a little gentleman in public.
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The first time I took Tigger to the vet ( about 2 days after I adopted him ) He bit her! He is constantly growling at me, when I pick him up, when he's finished being pet and especially when the other cats come near him while I'm giving him love.The last time I took him to the vet ( a new one ) I had to inform them that he had already bitten one vet so they actually muzeled him,but he was actually ok,while they took his temp. he put his paws around my neck and hugged me.She had to finish his exam on my lap b/c he wouldnt get off me!
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I had the opposite experience with Wills. He is our outside cat, and had just shown up in the garage a few weeks before. He had been in a fight with a local feral, and his face was looking pretty bad. He had been a love since showing up, always stretching up to reach a hand to be petted. But he hissed and growled in the carrier all the way to the vet! Even after the carrier was on the vet table, he kept hissing, growling, and trying to dig out. We told the vet he might need to be medicated to calm him down!

Well, as soon as the carrier door opened, he strolled out as nice as could be, rubbing against the vet tech. Even kept purring while she took his temp! Never flinched at the shots! And was good in the carrier coming home! Medicated, indeed, I think the vet thought we were kooks!

Of course, he IS due to go back to be neutered, lets hope that goes better than it did for Sammy...
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aww, my old baby Joey was like that too, he was never really an everyone cat, he only liked his mummy and aunty touching him, so he would not hesiate to bite and scratch and growl at the vet whenever he would have to go.

my babies that I have now are completely different! they dont get angry, they turn into little sooks, they will rather cry and shake then get mad.
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Princess has always voiced her opinion at the vet since she was a 7 week old kitten. She had to spend a week in the animal hospital at 7 weeks so I know that plays a part but today was the worst she's ever been. The only time the growling, hissing and spitting stoped was when she had to take a breath. She even tried to scratch and bite the vet techs that were taking her temperature. Usually her bark is worse than her bite, so too speak.

Wish me luck, I'm off to give Princess her antibiotic and antihistamine.
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Poor baby! Max has pooed in the carrier before - not a very nice smell!

When I take Murphy to the vet, I get exclamations on the growing and meowing coming from the carrier - especially when someone notices Murphy is a bird.
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Rocky gets very upset at the vet too..he is so big, it is next to impossible for the vet and assistant to get anything done....they have had to use the muzzle, or the blanket to cover his face..(suppose to help calme them) no way! just makes him even more ticked...he makes noises I didnt know cats could make..anyway...the last visit he had, I requested he was sedated so they could get the work done...he needed his claws trimmed, needed to be weighed, and teeth checked, and they just can't do that when he gets uptight like that,..he had no idea when he got home what had least I don't think he did...
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Originally Posted by Talon
When I take Murphy to the vet, I get exclamations on the growing and meowing coming from the carrier - especially when someone notices Murphy is a bird.
That's too funny!!!

People have actually came up to me before I started going to a cat only vet to see what kind of animal I had in the carrier. Boy were they shock to see a 2 lb kitten!
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When I had to take my Tonka (normally kind of an aggressive stud cat) to the vet, I was absolutely certain he was going to be a terror ... he doesn't like strangers and he doesn't like being out of his own safe little territory. I warned the office in advance that he could be ... difficult.

The whole drive down he screamed. He screamed in the waiting room. He screamed on the exam table ... until the tech put her hands on him. He turned around and looked at her like "How DARE you touch me???" and then melted into a great big blue point puddle on the table, just about turning his little body inside out to get chin scritches and belly rubs. Go figger.
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I'm so sorry! Marsh is pretty much easy-go-with-the-flow kind of guy, but i just can't image how anybody can laugh at somebody's misfortune?? UGH some people just have NO respect.
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oh I'm so lucky my babies are all socalised from real little so we have no problems at the vet, plus they are a laidback breed.
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Oh, I can sympathize with what you went through at the vet's office, as I've been through it myself. Both Red Cat and Purdy growl, hiss, spit and try to bite the vet. So did the late Guard Cat. I think that's what one can often expect to face when one takes in a cat who has been "on the streets" for months or years. My babies may love me, but they are terrified of any other human being, and it shows! I don't know how Sheba will be at the vet's yet, as she went directly from the shelter to the vet for spaying. I didn't even see that vet.
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i know exactly how that feel's! socks is exactly the same when i take him, oh yer, he's a cat with attitude
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Originally Posted by twofatcats
I think that's what one can often expect to face when one takes in a cat who has been "on the streets" for months or years

Princess hasn't been "on the streets" since she was 3 weeks old. She was abandoned by her momma cat and was hand fed by a foster mom from the SPCA until I adopted her at 7 weeks. She's definately used to people.
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I hate tempting fate, but my two are fine when their at the vets, well apart from Sophie giving the odd meow.

You watch!, they go in june for their booster so i bet they act themselves after i've said that!
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