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mom cat in heat

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I am fostering Lisa, a beautiful oriental black mom cat and her babies. Last night Jan, the final adopter, came by to pick up the last two of Lisa's five kittens (a gorgeous little blue sealpoint siamese girl and a black longhaired boy-sooo cute). I was walking Jan and her new babies to the car, when my own cats started yowling. I looked up and saw a big orange Tom face to face with my Toby at the door.

The Tom was crying and pacing back and forth. He rubbed all over my legs where Lisa had been. Then I noticed Lisa up in the window crying as well. I am pretty sure that Lisa is in heat. She still has milk since the kittens only just left.

I read the below post about putting Lisa in a cool darkened room to stay quiet and possibly shorten her heat. What about anything I might do to speed up the end of her milk production and also is there anything that might make her miss her kittens less? She will be spayed as soon as possible but I am pretty sure she needs to end her milk production and her heat. I have to keep her in a separate room from my cats and I work full time, so she is alone during the day. When we are here she scratches at the door and cries. I stayed with her last night but her crying kept me up!
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Barb, my little Sui is in heat, I feel your pain!!! One thing I do with her is try to keep her preoccupied. I play a lot with her, give her special treats, extra attention. It's only Sui's 1st heat though, I'm sure Lisa's heat is more intense. Hang in there, I'll be thinking about the two of you!
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There is really nothing you can do except get her spayed. Some vets will spay her now, but there will be an extra charge because of the heat cycle. And some vets won't saying it is to risky because of enlarged blood vessels. Other than buying ear plugs and keeping her indoors- you just need to wait it out.
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