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help wanted ads?

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Does anyone know of anywhere you could go for suggestions on how to write one?? Or does anyone have suggestions at all?? It's for an administrative position but is much more than secretarial duties.. It's also necessary that the person who reads this understands it's not a summer job or a place to keep warm, but a career that could last many years. It seems like the ad we put out attracts people in between jobs who need to pay bills quickly rather than people who are interested in finding a long term career in the admin field. Any ideas?
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I know what you mean, we get that too. Nowadays, it seems like nobody wants to work.

How about something like:

Admin. feild position

Seeking hardworking, ambitious, reliable admin. assistant to fill long term Career position with __________ company. Duties rise above normal clerical & secretary duties. Serious inqueries only. Requirements:

I'm not sure exactly what the job duties are and I know I'm a horrible speller (and a worse writer) but I hope this may help.

Also, have you looked on monster.com? You may find some ideas there as well!

Good luck!
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i wish you could hire me because im looking for something like that
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hehe i kinda like the duties rise above part.. they do.. we actually give a few tests before hiring, and even then we get these people who just don't take it seriously. I mean I may not want to do this forever but I'm not gonna be lazy or irresponsible about it.
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Don't you think people want to know the salary (I wouldn't publish it however) Have you checked other ads in the newspaper???
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