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Hi :Just thought I would introduce me to you!
My name is Leslie-Ann and I learded about this site when Anne showed up on another site where I moderate a few bords, Cats, Dogs, Herbal Remdies, Pet Memeorial and the Just for Kids boards.
I am happy to have another place to share and to gain knowledge from.

I have two cats Alistair and Connie. Ali is a shelter Mix Breed who has the most expressive green eyes. And Connie is a mischivious Somali (also from a shelter, she was a surrendered kitten!)

I lost my other two a year ago January passed to FIP. I found little Merlin (6 weeks) wonderingt he streets took him home with me and did everything right and still lost him four months later and his big brother Billy two weeks later.

I hope I can help out here some.
Mom of three!
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I hail from Toronto (where it is freezing cold right now.)

I also run a feeding program in my neighbour hood and am tying to etablish a Charitable org to fund it. As a matter of fact little Jasper (one of my strays is eating outside of my window right now. And Connie is desperatley trying to get me off the computer so I guess I should go.
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Mom of Three,

Welcome! Since you are active in rescue, etc. you might want to look at the SOS and Feral boards.
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Welcome Mom Of Three! How about the links to your other kitty boards. I love reading kitty stories!
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Sure If that is Ok with this board. You see on my ohter boards there are rules about posting links to sights that may be competators so I wasn't sure and I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

I am at
I do the Cat, Dogs, Herbals, Memorial and Kids boards.

Thanks, for the welcome!
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Welcome to the catsite mom of three. I am glad you joined us.
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Welcome Mom of three....glad you have joined us!!!!!!!!
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