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This isn't for the faint at heart

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I don't know how everyone treats the remains of the deceased pets, but when I buried Sheba my mind was not in a good state. I would like to remove her remains to a better location however my DH thinks that since it was only 6 months ago umm.....for a better lack of words the remains are still decomposing (inside a plastic bag). So has anyone ever had to do this???
I might be able to wait another month at the most.
Mentally I think I can do this.

Also we found a very young baby dead mammal last night by the front of our house. We do not think our cats did this because they are in the house all day. We think it could be a very young baby possum (it was hairless) and had a pointed face and long tail. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate to think that there is a possum nest somewhere. It was too big for a baby rodent or squirrel.
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Maybe have a friend or family member do it for you? I don't think you want that experience to be your last one with Sheba.
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ive always wanted to dig out my pets to see if they were alive again.
The hardest part was to make two graves in 1 day and fill up with 12 cats that were poisoned in 1 night.

Once one of our cats were hit by a car and she went under the bushy tree, we found her 3 days later and my mum grabbed her by her tail to put her in the grave...... her fur just slipped off! my mother couldnt stop throwing up, she was sick for a few days! I really dont know how that happened but it had been really hot
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Hmm....makes me think of Pet Cemetary.
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I think it depends on you. Do you think you can do this? Some of us are better at "gross" stuff than others. Plus, it was YOUR pet, so......Honey, if I were closer I'd totally do it for you. Maybe you could find somebody less attached to the animal to do it? If not, I say buy garden gloves and noseplugs if possible. Six months is long enough for substantial decomposition to have occurred, unfortunately. Good luck and I'm sorry you have to go through this!
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I should make my neighbor do this for me. (Like that would ever happen)
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I would really not do this if I were you - it will be a very unpleasant experience. 6 months is not long enough for the remains to become skeletal. If you must move her is there no one you can ask? Or can you arrange to come back in a year or more to do it then. I know, I have been working in mass graves in Bosnia - you do not want to see your loved ones like that, even a cat.
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Wow, Gail, thats a hard call. On one hand you may set yourself up to have your last memory of your her in a decomposing state; on the other hand, you want a better resting place for her. I'm with everyone else about finding someone else to do it if you can.
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If you are certain you can do this mentally, seeing your beloved pet in the stage she might be in by now, then I think you should do it. You have memories of Sheba when she was alive, that's what you hold onto.

Can't your DH do this????? I'm sure he wasn't as attached to Sheba as you were, or if he WAS and has refused for that reason -- guys typically can stomach certain things that us women cannot. Who knows; I know I can stomach a lot, and it sounds like you can too.

Are you moving?

I moved a year and a half ago and did not take my bunny with me. I kick myself now, I feel so bad about that. Mr. Kickers was only 2 yrs old, he was a spritely mini-lop bunny who I just adored, he died so suddenly. He is buried behind the condo I owned for 6 yrs. Well now I'm in a much more permanent place with a huge yard and I so-wish I could have brought Mr. Kickers with me. I brought is headstone, and put it in the garden, but 'HE' isn't there. I have had thoughts of going to the condo and asking the guy who bought it if I could dig up Mr. Kickers remains and bring them... but... it's been well over 6 months... been 4 yrs.

So if I were you I would definitely do it; I think if you PREPARE yourself for what you will see, then you won't be in shock. But be prepared to grieve all over again, I know I would. That's why I said have the hubs do it vs. you doing it. I don't think it's gross or sick or anything at all like that. Sheba was your pet & you loved her, and you're just trying to move her to a better spot!
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