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Can I just say argggggh.....

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Needing a rant here, I think my behaviour is the problem and not the cats! LOL I had the second lot of surgery on my knee last week, and my mother moved in with me to help out while I couldn't walk and was cross eyed on morphine. She left yesterday. This morning I went downstairs to feed the cats and she's TOTALLY rearranged the kitchen, which includes rearranging the cats! Their food bowls have been moved to a different area. Vicket, who as my alpha alpha has to eat up on the work top so that she gets fed first and doesn't bully the others, has completely freaked at the change and won't eat from her dish as she's too worried what the others has, so this morning she defended all four bowls and wouldn't let any of the others eat. Breakfast took place amidst her spitting, swearing and telling off the other three who went and hid en masse under the table. My mother also decided we didn't need nearly so many litter trays, got rid of most of them and changed litter type- thank goodness the cats have all been stars and taken that change in their stride without accident! She also put all the cat litter and cat food out in the shed as she felt it was cluttering up the kitchen.... so this morning with four hungry moggies shouting at me that it was breakfast time and they were starved, I had to go out into the garden on crutches, get into the shed and then try to figure out how to get myself AND a ten pound bag of cat litter back to the kitchen! Meanwhile, because I move so slowly on crutches, ALL the cats escaped into the garden which STILL isn't catproof because the catproof fencing firm have all their workers off sick. I can't catch the boys once they get out into the garden, which naturally they're dying to do, so I spent the next half hour coaxing them one at a time back into the house with the aid of cat treats. I'm about ready to be readmitted into hospital for a rest!! I'm also going to have to work out how to calm the eating situation down so that the raggies are actually allowed to get to their food. Grrr!! I love my mother dearly, I really do, BUT.......
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Awww. mothers
Sometimes they are more work than help but we still love 'em...and they really do mean well.

Sorry to hear that but I had a funny mental picture of you carrying a 10 lb bag of litter on crutches across the garden

Hopefully the kits will be happy you are "back" and will acclimatize fast.

And hope you get better soon!
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Oh, I'd be furious! How on earth did she think she was helping? I would tell her that it caused way more work for you, if it had been my mother doing those sorts of things. And then I would have had to put up with the endless "but I was just trying to help.......".
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It WAS so well meant and she is wonderful, but I was furious yesterday! LOL Thankfully a friend came round and put everything back where it should yesterday morning, the dishes are back where they should be and Vicket actually let everyone eat breakfast this morning! Her majesty does not DO change!

Thanks for the good wishes Lovey!
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Did you tell your mom about the feeding situation or why you needed extra litter pans and why you needed to keep the 10 lbs bag of food in the kitchen before she did all the rearranging?

If she didn't know any of this and you didn't tell her NOT to change things, then she can't be blamed. She probably thought she was doing you huge favours.

As I tell my husband frequently - How do I know what you are thinking? I haven't learned to read minds yet!
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OMG! WHAT is it with mothers?????

Mine did the same thing when we went back east!!

I had my girlfriend call me 3000 miles asking where if she had to go to the store because my mom sounded like she was on crack....my mom shut the door on one of the cat boxes, which has been in that same room for 3 YEARS and left 5 cats to ONE box.....she then cleaned out the box 5 times a day but then put all the bags of poop in abucket right next to the box which left the house smelling AWEFUL....

I mean, cmon, I love the fact she wants to help, but if they screw up everything in the process and follow no routine already set..what is the point!!

I am sooo sorry
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LOL sounds like your mum would get on well with mine..... I love the help, I wouldn't have survived last week without her, but muuuummm...... four cats aren't the same as one, the routines are kind of vital to keep the peace!!
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This doesn't have anything to do with cats, but I just have to add my own rant here!
My mom is coming to visit from across the country in a couple of weeks. I've been spending all day, every day making the house spotless, doing renovations I've been putting off, and generally making sure she has NOTHING to offer to help with! Because if she sees something to criticize, she'll keep bugging me about it for YEARS.
I've been self employed for a year now, and last week she sent me an employment listing she saw for a "real" job - an opening at her Home Depot - in Texas! I'm in Florida! Argh!!!
Okay, I'm done. Sorry it doesn't have anything to do with cats. (Although now I know to guard the litter boxes!)
Just know you have my sympathy! =)
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i HAVE A QUICK RANT....cap lock? lol

We have six people in our house and go thru TP so quick...my single mom, who drove over here past two stores TELLS ME, doesn't asks, TELLS me she is going to *borrow* TP.....maybe it is me...I just cannot understand why a single person would think it was ok to take toilet paper from a house with 6 people when there is a store on the way home....
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