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Birman peeing in all our beds

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Help! My three year old blue point Birman, Oscar, is peeing in my husband's and my bed, and both our daughters' beds. I will check him for a UTI today, but he seems to be a very sensitive animal (I had another Birman before him - Sammy - that I had for 17 years.) and I don't want to give him to Birman Rescue, but we are starting a B&B in our house this summer and he absolutely cannot pee in those beds! I have read about behaviorists. Where does one find one? Is this a curable problem? I have read that once a cat starts this, there is no cure. The family looks at me like it is my fault. What can I do?
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Hi, welcome to TCS to you and Oscar!I'm sorry you're having this situation. I'm very relieved you're taking the best first step and taking Oscar to the Vet. It is always best to first rule out a health problem before investigating a behavioral cause. Please read this thread . Our behavior experts will be along shortly. Please let us know what you learn at the Vet.
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Hi there,

I occasionally have the same problem (but not a mystery... it's when the big boy gets really mad at me!) So, I hope you don't mind, I'm adding another question here...

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to really thoroughly clean a mattress? (Not just the urine odor?)

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www.urine-off.com is the best product I have come across from to use. I would pull the mattress outside, pour the stuff on it, and let the mattress air-dry at least 24 hours. Other than that you may have to just toss the mattress out and buy a new one- which is prohibitively expensive depending on the size of the mattress.

About the Birman, it really needs to have the health issue ruled out first before you can move to behavior, environment, or stress-

You can find cat behaviorists at www.meowhoo.com or if you go to TCS's main page you will see we have a cat behaviorist column. Access Wendy's column and start reading-she has addressed this issue several times in the last few months-

Herding Cats You might have to backtrack a bit and look in the archives
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it's probably a UTI, unless there's major behavior or environment issues going on. if you're opening a B&B soon, maybe he's feeling a change is coming, and thus reacting to it?
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