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Hi, Hello!!!

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I'm Kia, I'm 26 and I live with my partner Steve and 2 fluffy balls of cuteness.
Smudge and Spice.
They are brother and sister and were 2 years old back in January.
I rescued them when they were 9 weeks old! They were taken from their mother @ 7 weeks and went to live in a horrible one room bedsit with an owner who chain smoked (and we aren't talking just ciggies here either ) poor little darlings were terrified of people.
Even now they still hate strangers and you have to sit very quietly and give them time to come and investigate. But they do seem to "remember", my mum doesn't visit very often but they don't go through the whole "arrrrggh new person" routine each time.
Smudge is large cuddly and black n' white, while Spice is more lithe and ginger n' white.
I'd not be without them for the world - theres nothing like waking with the weight of a cat on your chest purring in your face

I must admit some would say they are spoilt, but only because I LOVE my furniture. They have 3 large pieces of cat furniture to scratch, jump on and play with.

Well, I found this site because she's being a pain in the bum and getting demanding. As I posted in the behaviour forum.
She's definately a mummy's girl while he is a daddy's boy - you should see him jump to to greet Steve when he comes home

hugs for now Kia xxx

ps can I post a link to my "my pets" page of my website or shall I just upload pics somewhere and post them here?
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Hi, Kia! Sierra and I welcome you, Smudge, and Spice to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your babies sound so precious, how wonderful of you to rescue them. You must love eachother so very much! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Welcome to the site Kia! Even though Smudge and Spice had a rough start to life, it sure sounds like they have a wonderful home now!

You are more than welcome to put a link to your pet's page(s) in your signature, or post remotely linked pictures in Fur Pictures Only.
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Hi and welcome. Your babies sound adorable. Can't wait to see pictures.
Thanks for giving them a loving home!
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welcome! post pics, upload or website - doesn't matter

yeah, there's too many spoiled brats here, and their human slaves
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Hi ya ! Kia Welcome to TCS!!!! Can´t wait to see the pic´s of your lovely kitties!
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Hi and Welcome
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Welcome to TCS can't wait to see those pictures of Smudge and Spice
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Hi Kia!

Welcome to TCS.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Fur Pictures Only.
Where will I find this?
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Originally Posted by Kia
Where will I find this?
Just go into The Cat Lounge, and Fur Pictures is a subforum that you can find at the top there. Full of wonderful pictures of our adored kitties.
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welcome to the site
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Hello Kia, welcome to the site
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Hello and welcome!!!

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been gone awhile so catching up with the newcomers welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the trio below!
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