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New Cat, new problems

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I lost my wonderful blue tortie Burmese Lucy to the effects of a stroke last November. The senior cat in the house is a tortie with white named Penny (age 13) who is generally a cranky and complaining cat even without competition. We got a blue Burmese kitten in December (my husband didn't want to wait) and Chianna entered our home and is now running amuck. She picks on Penny (who outweighs her about 4 to 1 but has poor self esteem), gets into all sorts of mischief (worst of any of the 7 cats I've had) and has started biting unprovoked (as far as I'm concerned). I read that she needs a lot of mental stimulation and we've looted pet stores everywhere for toys. She likes soft plush small toys that she can carry around and bite. Is this just a personality issue and I shouldn't try and expect her to be like Lucy? She does like sleeping in laps and being petted (on her terms) but won't be cuddled and is just as like to bite you if you try and pet her if she's not in the mood. We know about Burmese; we had one and my husband had 2 earlier in his life.
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you, Penny, and Chianna to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I'm so sorry you lost your precious Lucy.This will be moved to our Behavior Forum where our experts will be sure to see it! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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How many cats do you have total? And how old is the new kitty? Is the new kitty spayed?
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Chianna is about to be 7 months old. She was spayed a month ago which I hope would slow her down. Nope. I've read a bunch of stuff online I am thinking that it's just her personality. To be honest, I wanted my Lucy back and Chi isn't Lucy. When she wants loving she lets you know (pushes her head into your hand jumps up and settles down to nap). Like Lucy I often have 2 layers of cats on my lap in the evneing watching TV. If Penny gets settled, Chi will just sneak up and lie on top of her. I can't change her personality altho I am getting tired out trying to tire her out. She loves the Cat Dancer, and has many small toys she can beat up. And I tried the ping pong ball in the bath tub and that was a great hit.
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I feel your pain. Prowler has been spayed for quite awhile and shows no inclination to slowing down. My husband calls her the Orange Terrorist!
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We once in a while have a proposal for a Very Fast Train between here and Sydney. Lucy was a VFC (Very Fast Cat) and Chi is the VFK.
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We have had a few cats in life that just DID NOT fit into the mix. it sounds like this is just going to be her personality.

We have a cat now, 2 1/2 that I got at 6 weeks...the night I brought her home, the way she behaved, I KNEW I was going to have our hands full...and we do, she is nuts.

We have actually re-homed 2 cats in our lifetime..and both times it was the best decision for the house and for the cat...sometimes a personality just does not mix.
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