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Introducing Spike!!!

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This is the latest addition to my foster crew!!

Isn't he pretty? He's obviously someone's left/abandoned/lost pet. He's neutered, and has a microchip - but it was never registered Poor muffin, he's an absolute angel and so beautiful. I've always wanted a bengal!
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He is beautiful. Hard to believe someone would have him chipped and then not register him. I don't understand some people, ugh.
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Poor baby. He's so lucky to be with you! He's very handsome!
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*CRIES* Everyones getting a bengal but meeeeeee! :'( Why cant one find my doorstep??? lol
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He's very handsome!
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Awwww he is really beautiful
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Very cute
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Oh Spike is lovely!
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You've been blessed. He is a very handsome cat & looks like he has a lot of love to give. Standing ovation for you & your generous heart.
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Is that a Bengal? He looks like my McKenzie (the coat). She's just an oridinary ole tabby cat. He's a cute little guy.
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Very handsome kitty.
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oh my! what a stunning creature he is!!!!!!!!!!!!
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aw! he is gorgeous! Looks alot like my Juicy
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Spike is too cute. Yes he is
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What a cutie, bless you for taking care of him.
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