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Wow, I just looked back, and it's been awhile since I updated this thread. Let's see:

When we found out where Nod kept her kittens, we went back to try to get them (and her, of course), but they were gone. Nod's been spotted at a distance a time or two, but has not been "followable". I hope they're fine, and I think of them often. They may show up yet, though, when they're a bit older.

The original gray/white tabby mom was spotted, and followed to an area a couple of blocks away from where she was first seen. The "word" was sent out to keep an eye out for her. A woman contacted us that she had a mom & kittens who came to her yard, and that it may be them. Traps were set, and one gray/white tabby female kitten was caught, but she put up such a ruckus that the others scattered (I named her Rebel...my sister thought up that one...since she has such a big mouth, she was named after the Billy Idol song, Rebel Yell). It took a few days, but the litter was spotted in another yard. We went out last night, but didn't see the kittens there, but we spotted some in a different yard. Traps were set & we caught 3 kittens! We saw momma, but she wasn't even the original gray/white tabby girl! We tried getting her, but she wouldn't go in the trap. We'll try again using the kittens' used litter. She was so upset, it was heartbreaking! We walked back to the last place the "original" kittens were spotted, and spoke to the woman who lives there. She says that they are feeding them, and are planning to bring them "to a shelter"...we're going to give them info on no-kill shelters, just in case they don't know.

So that's where it stands, and frankly, that's all I can handle right now. I have four kittens (Rebel, 2 b/w tuxies, and 1 cow kitty), and I still have Beau, the adult feral male who is displaying the patience of a saint, and is trying his level best to be a good "big brother"...poor guy!
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Well good for you kellie and I hate to say this but I am glad it's you I am so pooped and I love these guys so much they are the sweetest things, I have never had kittens
And just to let you know, I often wonder if I were something in another life I finally told my hubby last night now I know what I was I was a Mommy Kitty I would be really good at this I swear, I found my calling, these guys are angels Good Wonderful Luck to You Kellie, that traps still here
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What a busy two months it's been since my last update...I can't believe it's been that long!

Nod: Her kittens were never seen again, so I fear that they didn't make it. She is seen from time to time, but has never been "trappable".

Rebel, and her crowd did well overall. Rebel, Maxie, and Mitzie have "graduated" to a great no-kill, high adoption-rate shelter out in the 'burbs, and are awaiting adoption. Mikey lagged far behind in socialization, so is still with me. He is doing better now that he is the last one, and I can focus more individual attention on him. We were never able to trap their momma, she was very trap-wary.

The other litter just a couple doors down was trapped in their entirety, momma and all. There were eight kittens in that litter...all girls! Can you imagine what would have happened in that neighborhood by this time next year??? With those eight, and my two little girls, that's a total of ten new females that would have been in a very concentrated area! Two of the girls joined mine at the shelter, the rest are still being socialized.

Two more kittens were trapped in another area...both girls. They were abandoned by their momma, so were quite underweight.

There is another pregnant girl out there, but frankly we do not have a place for her. I've been scouring around for a foster home, and I may have found one...keep your fingers crossed!

Beau (feral gray/white boy) that came to me months ago is doing fabulously! He has let me pet him from time to time, but not always. He rubs up on my legs, and calls to me to come to his room. Today I let him take his first foray into my house. He went into the kitchen, and a bit into the dining room, and then dashed back to "his" room. He came face-to-face with my girl Abbie (who he has been making googly-eyes at for quite a while through the screen door of his room). They went nose-to-nose, and he made submissive moves to her. Eventually she hissed at him, and he ran and sat on my feet! I think that went very well! He's got such a soft personality, it amazes me that he lasted out on the street for two years! I've pretty much made the decision that he will stay here, as I can't see him doing well in a new environment. I didn't want another permanent cat, but he really is such a sweetheart, and he loves is here so much! Don't worry, I really do love him, and even though he wasn't in my "plan", he's my buddy, and now a part of my life.

Last week I was told there was a pregnant girl in the same yard as Nod, Beau, and many others have been trapped. We went, and found her being chased by a skunk, both probably eyeing up the shed for nesting. She walked into the trap in about 5 minutes! She's tested negative, and we seriously considered spay/aborting her, but the kittens were already a viable age...I know some may disagree with my decision to let her have the babies, but I just couldn't have them do a c-section, and put all the kittens down. I just couldn't. So she's been "set-up" in my bathroom for the last six days. Well, last night she had her babies! Five beautiful grey, and grey and white babies! The biggest problem? The vet was wrong, wrong, wrong about her not having fleas! Lucky for them she's in a bathroom, and not in a place where there is carpeting and other kitties!

So that's what are little group's been up to. I also called others I know who work with a rescue group (to see about any foster homes), and they've been even busier. One woman has trapped 25 kittens so far!

Kitten season is brutal.
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So that's what are little group's been up to. I also called others I know who work with a rescue group (to see about any foster homes), and they've been even busier. One woman has trapped 25 kittens so far!
Yup..which is why we must continue to trap and spay/neuter as many of these outdoor cats/kittens that we can. Congrats on all the females that you have removed from the street...think of all the unborn litters you have spared the community from. Now these girls can live much healthier lives.

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Great news Kellie, It seems there are way more females then males don't you think, out of 16 I got 12 were females,2 of the babies are already in a new home, I may have 2 going tomorrow (hopefully) even though it is very hard to let them go I know I can't keep all of them, I had them all spayed including Mommy who now lives in the house and she's a very good kitty, gets along great with everyone else, Loves My hubby, she just didn't seem to like her 5 girls after I had seperated them. I may keep one lol, I Love this itty bitty black one she only weighs 5 lbs and seems very needy, sits on my feet when she's scared and licks my face, the others are very sweet little ones, I learned it pays to get them ASAP, I'm glad your doing ok with yours, and I pray I am so done, I am still not rested up, It's a tough job
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Just been catching up on this threadn Beau and the other cats are so lucky to have you. I know it's hard work and Good luck!
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