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My worrisome day

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My girl Chynna finally got what she wanted. She managed to streak out the door this morning and I caught her and got her back in the house. Then one of my neices that I take care of during the day had the bright idea of calling Boomer in the house with the screen door wide open. Chynna takes this chance and gets out again. I am in the kitchen and hear Aunt Carla your cat is outside. ::censor::censor::censor:: I go look she is standing in the open door calling for Chynna. You got to get the kitty! I said no I'm not chasing that cat again she will come in when she is tired.

So Chynna stayed outside for a long time playing with the outside kitties and running around. I finally caught her laying on the steps to tired to run. Now she seems a little more content and doesn't try to get outside every time the door is open.
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You are lucky you did not lose her.
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Ugh, Jasper used to try to dart out the door too. We got some of those "air" spray cans at costco and kept them by the door. When we wanted to go outside, we would tell him "jasper, get back!" then if he didn't mind, we would spray the can of air(but NOT at HIM), he hates the hissing noise and would run away. Now when you tell him to "get back" most of the time he minds, but if not, the can is there to remind him. Hope this helps.
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