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look at what I caught on film

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so what if it came out blurry and I had to try really hard to fix this up...look at Lilly and Ebony!! I am the happiest meowy ever.

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HORAY!!!!!! That is GREAT!!!!! One step closer to the happy fur family!!
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Awwww!!! Yay!!!!!
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Yea!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy to see this pic! They are totally going to be great together. I am so glad to see the progress!!!
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RACIAL HARMONY at it's finest!
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How wonderful!!
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And to think just recently she wouldn't even come out from her hiding place! Congratulations! What a happy time for your family!
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Aww... Ebony and Lilly are soo cute!! Congrats Berylayan,
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Awwwwww, how cute. Glad to see them getting along. :-)
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Aww, that's wonderful!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! How great is that!. Awww Beryl i'm so pleased you saw that and more so caught it on film
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awwww yayayayay!!!!
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Awwww it must be love!
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Oh Beryl, I know you've been looking for that elusive photo op for a while now! That is one of the best kissy pictures I have seen yet!
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Yay for Ebony & Lilly!
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What a darling picture. I love to watch our amazing furbabies communicate.
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that's great!
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AWWW, kissin' kitties!! TOO cute!!
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Awww that's cute!
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Aw cute is an understatement!

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AWWW.. how sweet!!!
Just too darling for words.
Tell me your secret ... hehe
I have a new kitten and my "queen" cat who was here first isnt takin' to em'.
I need a kiss moment caught like that!!!
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That is truly a Kodak Moment!

Good job!
Great picture!
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thanks everyone!! My new mission is to get one that is brighter and not blurry. but to get them in a moment like that again may not come so soon.
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