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Kitten Gymnastics

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Kitten Gymnastics

We all know that kittens of 5 to 6 weeks are not the most graceful animals in the world. Granted, they can run circles around humans of the same age, but they are in no way even a shadow of the grace they will eventually come to possess.

My Shadow was no different. Usually when I was home watching TV he would climb (couldn't jump yet) the couch, curl up on the back of the couch leaning on me. However, every now and then, he got that urge to be in the other room NOW! We all have seen this, the cat is dead asleep, and in the blink of an eye, he is on the other side of the house wondering why he had to be there.

Well, cats do this with grace and sheer speed. Kittens, on the other hand, do this with neither. Shadow would start out great, speed building, halfway across the great room, and then it would happen. He'd push for more speed, and his back legs would catch up to the front and for a few steps, he would be running beside himself, his back legs even with the front. Then, his eyes as big as quarters, he would flip ass over end and roll a couple times. Being a "small" cat, he sat up, looked around and begin cleaning himself as if nothing ever happened.

This went on almost nightly for about a month until he finally got control of his legs. I have not laughed so hard, though, as the first time it happened. His look was as astonished as mine was.
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Reading this was better than TV!
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Your description of Shadows track and field abilities was wonderful! I could see him as if he were right in front of me!

My little Rudy is 3 months old, but he still has trouble with his limbs. He is the runt of a litter of 5, 4 surviving, and is very tiny for his age. He is still very hesitant to jump down from anything, but forgets about the difficulty in getting down while he's climbing up! :laughing2:

Needless to say he spends a lot of time shaking himself off after an unplanned tumble across the floor! He has found that the bed is soft and forgiving though, and loves to climb to the top of the cat tree (a feat in itself) and then "Bonzai" off onto the bed with all 4 legs spread eagle...no Superman style here...what fun! :LOL:
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