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Prayers for Dexter

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Dexter is having his first dental under general anesthesia tomorrow.
I am asking for good vibes & prayers for him.
Thanks to all of you who already answered my request.
I know that you understand how I feel. They are our children.
((((Hugs)))) to all of you wonderful, caring cat mommys & daddys.
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Lots of good vibes to Dexter!
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Wishing you a safe dental, Dex and calming thoughts to your worried Mom!
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Sending vibes Dexter's way! He should be fine!
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Sending good thoughts to you and Dexter!
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I just talked to Dexter's vet...he is coming out of the anestheia...his teeth are clean & he is doing great. I pick him up in about 3 hours. Thanks so much for your prayers & cat loving vibes.
I'm relieved & thrilled to have both Dexter & Sadie's teeth cleaned & healthy. It was worth the money & the stress.
I feel really blessed to have 2 strong, healthy 5 year old (July 17th) furbabies.
Please know...that if you have a furbaby who is ill or having problems, my prayers are always with you & your sweet ball of love.
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Yippee, Dexter!You're such a brave little boy, and you'll be home safe and sound in your Mommy's loving arms in no time at all!
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Great Dexter, Good job
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Oh this is so good to hear!
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Yea, Dexter! I'm glad to hear he's doing well!
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I'm glad everything went well.
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Lovely update on Dex, so glad to see everything went well!!! Now both furkids have pearly whites, and mom can breathe a sigh of relief!

Thanks, Xocats, for your good wishes to all others whose babies need them.
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