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Announcement: Moving out and moving on....

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I'm taking sort of a big step this weekend - My boyfriend and I are moving in together! I'm really excited about it and not just because it means NO MORE UNIVERSITY ROOMMATES! It ALSO means I won't be moving back to my parents' house, which is nice because now that I'm grown and almost graduated university, I just can't get back into living by their rules (not that they're strict or anything, just that I've gotten used to making my own rules). It feels a little weird, though, knowing that I'm more of a visitor than a resident when I go over there. I mean, I moved out to go to university, but I've always come back home in the summers.
I'm really happy to be moving in with Pete, though. We get along great and he's VERY considerate, which I think will make him great to live with. It's a big step in the relationship, I guess, but we've already been spending as many nights as possible together so the transition shouldn't be too hard. The cats will be happy, because they love Pete.....in fact, he "gave" me Lola (aka couldn't talk his grandmother into letting him keep her at his house lol) and he spoils them rotten. Plus, he's seen all the safety stuff I've been dealing with because of my roommates (seriously, how hard is it to throw out elastic bands and plastic?!?!?), so I know the cats will be safer there.

With all my exams and planning the move, I've been feeling pretty stressed, but just thinking about how it will be once we're settled in makes me feel a lot better....finally being able to cook for 2 (cooking for 1 drives me nuts), sitting out on the balcony in the evening, not having to worry about when we'll fit seeing each other into our schedules.......
So, I'm counting the days until saturday.....wish me luck!
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Congratulations on your big move! Pete sounds like a very nice guy and he loves cats so I know you will be happy.
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Leli, wow what a big step in your life! I wish you both the best.
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Good luck and all the best, Leli!
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That sounds great, Leli! Congratulations! I hope it's everything you wish for.
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That is fantastic news!!! I wish you all the best. Sounds like you two are off to a great start. Good luck!
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I want free BBQ.
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Originally Posted by Februa
I want free BBQ.
Absolutely! FREE BBQ FOR EVERYONE!!!! We'll commandeer the living room and watch Gilmore Girls.
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