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A cat that deserved better....

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I think this happened on a nice day in January. I'm bad with dates, and it still feels like only yesterday anyway.

It was early afternoon, a very nice, warm day for winter, shortly after moving, and we'd just come back from getting needed groceries. While taking the groceries in, I noticed a cat over in the corner of the yard, next to the neighbour's house. She looked so much like my cat that I was certain Zombi had gotten out -- until I saw Zombi watching me from the window.

This is how the cat I didn't even know for an hour came into my life.

Looking at her hurt me. She looked at me and made this...broken little sound. I had my S/O catch her and bring her onto our property -- he was wearing gloves, and he's better with animals than I am.

She looked like she hadn't eaten in...ever, and her nails were grown all the way around back into her paw pads. I never thought 'd see anything like that. I didn't think it was possible. Her ears were mangled. The vet told us it was frostbite.

My first reaction wasn't really smart. I ran inside to get a handfull of dry food, some of the canned food Zombi no longer likes, and a little milk [I know, it's not great for them, but some of them like a little bit] and some water. I just wanted to give her something. Anything. And I didn't know what else to do. She ate a little of the soft food, and drank a little of the milk.

I don't remember who called the friend with the wife that works at the nearby vet, but we ended up taking her down there.

One of the vets working there was nice enough to come out and talk to us after having a look at her. He told us about the frostbite and the nails, and that her teeth were gone. He also told us she was at least fifteen years old.

Then came the options: she could be sent off to the local animal control, where they'd try to find her owner. She'd spend a lot of time in a tiny cage. We could claim her for ourselves and try to heal her. Or, the vet could act as a good samaritan and put her to sleep. We decided, and the vet allowed us to go back and say goodbye.

I like to think that putting her down was in her best interest. It's not really her death that hurts me the most, but the idea that her life could be represented by how she was when she came into mine. I still cry for her.

She died without a name.
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She may have died without a name, but she died knowing someone cared for her. I sometimes think that some of us are the spirtual guides for these forgotten ones, leading them peacefully into the other world and sparing them any more suffering-
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Your post brought tears to my eyes -- the poor thing

I can understand why you feel sad for her, but you were so kind to her in her last hour of life and did what was best. She's in a better place now...

R.I.P sweet one...
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I am so sorry to hear your story but you are such a good person for doing what you could to help. Just like the kitten I lost after only finding her 2 days before, I was grateful that I found her and she knew someone loved her before she died.
I know what you are going through is hard but believe me, she will be welcomed to rainbow bridge by the others up there where she will be healthy and happy and thankful that you found her.
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Bless you for your caring. This sad little cat had someone to love her even for a short time. She is happy and playing now at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Bless you for caring for that little cat. At least she knew love and care at the end and she has now gone to a better place.
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That is so sad, It brought tears to my eyes, bless you for doing what you could
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I'm crying about that poor kitty too. Thank you so much for helping her to the Rainbow Bridge. RIP sweet kitty.
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There's not enough people in this world like you. That showed great compasion and a lot of courage. You showed the cat there are truely nice people and things in this world even if it was only for brief moment in time. Take heart in knowing that you brought something good into anothers life.
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This is a sad story, I commend you for doing what you did, I don't know if I could have. My thoughts are with you and the new angle kitty.
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