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Allergies, or the start of a cold

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My boys haven't had upper respirtory as long as they've lived with me, but I noticed Levi Sneezing yesterday. I've seen a lot of it at the shelter, but I'm wondering how he would get it since I haven't brought any new cats in & they don't go outside. I'm keeping a close eye on him, but for now his eyes are clear & not running & his nose only runs right after he sneezes & it's clear. He's not lethargic & his appitite is normal. I was a little concerned though because it was more than just one sneeze. He had 3 quick sneezes once or twice during the evening last night, then EARLY this morning like 3 AM He did it several more times, but at that time he was sitting in the open window. Just curious if anyone knows anything about allergies in cats? Obviously if anything changes in his status I'll call the vet right away. It's just one of those kitty health days because Jordan's got ringworm AGAIN!!!
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You said you see a lot of URI's at "the shelter". Do you visit a shelter regularly? Do you handle the cats at a shelter? If yes, you could have brought a URI home on your clothes, (ringworm as well). I've brought both home from my shelter and now practice fairly strict procedures when I get home to prevent my cats getting any of it.

My understanding of cat allergies is that they do *not* manifest as sneezing. See this article at http://www.thepetprofessor.com/secAr...es_in_Cats.asp
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I'm a volunteer at the shelter & I've always been afraid of bringing home URI, but the ringworm is something Jordan had when I got him & was very difficult to get rid of & it's been a year since I've seen any leasions, but I have a feeling he's had it all this time. Levi is still looking good & eating & playing. His nose was running this morning, but what was comming out was totally clear, not like what I've seen at the shelter.
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ok well it sounds like you have brought home a URI although mild at the moment. I'll PM you with some more info.

What I do now when I come home and before touching my cats is remove my shoes before entering the apt and head straight to the bathroom. I rinse off the soles of the shoes, remove my shirt and place it in the hamper, and then wash my hands, arms and face with soap and hot water. Mind you, I have only mild to moderate physical contact with the cats in our shelter due to the type of work i do. Back when I had more contact I would remove both my shirt and my pants as well as shower before touching my own cats. Mind you, this was after bringing home both ringworm and calicivirus.
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