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Lily & babies

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Just had to share about Lily and her adorable babies (a girl and two boys). Will post photos soon. Lily is solid black, one the prettiest I've ever seen, and was the first in foster care to have her babies. All black, just like her.
She's probably less than a year old herself. This is at least her second litter.

Babies are now four weeks old and totally adorable. I've never been around kittens this young, so am amazed that they are already doing big cat things! They've started to use the litter box, play with each other and their little toys. We let them out of the kennel over the weekend (with very close supervision) and one of them figured out the turbo-scratcher. The little girl is the most outgoing and already demands attention (like her mom). She runs up to the edge of the kennel when she sees somebody, paws at you and lets out a little squeak. Lily is a wonderful mom, very attentive, but lets the babies have some space too. Please send good thoughts that we find all
of them homes. I'm not worried about the kittens, but we figure Lily was an abandoned pet. She had a pretty rough start and deserves so much better.
They all do!
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Awwww... that is so sweet! I just know you will find proper homes for the babies, so keep a positive outlook on that!

Is Lily going to be spayed soon?
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Yes. Lily, will be spayed as soon as we can wean the kittens and her milk dries up. Then, we'll try to find her a home! Thanks for the good vibes!
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