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Shaving Long Hair for the Summer?

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My long haired black cat, Luciano, has been spending more time resting fully extended on the (cooler) tiled floors in my house rather than on the carpeted areas or his cat tree. Also spends more time in the basement and first floor rather than the second floor where the rest of us spend the evenings. since this change in behviour coincides with the warner weather we've been having i'm thinking that he's getting hot. i'm wondering if it might help to have him shaved for the summer? do cats like this or might it trigger bad behaviour? will this change his smell? (i ask because we have another cat) i'm new to cats so if this is a silly question, please excuse me. thanks for any advice.
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We have a VERY thick and long haired cat. In the summer, we have him shaved. Not only for his comfort, but because he hates to be brushed. He tends to act "embarrased" when he gets home, and the other cats are a little stand offish when he gets home, but within a day everyone is back to normal and he's acting like a kitten again. I really think he appreciates it
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My first kitty Snowball had long white hair. We shaved him every summer and he acted like he felt so much better. I will try to find a pic to show you.
I would recommend it.
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A friend of mine had a long haired cat and shaving in the summer time really seemed to help. The cat would act awkward for a day or so, but within 48 hours this cat would be happy and obviously felt better without the extra hair. I think it got shaved twice a year. Just depends on your circumstances.
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Please post pics. I am thinking of doing this too as Lovey is laying on the floors extended already also and its only Spring! A hot spring, but nevertheless...

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my marsh has long, silky fur and i trim his butt, back legs and hair between legs and front paws about once every 2 months. It really cuts down on shedding and those dingleberries :oops:

But as far as total shaving, i'd say no, too much, plus, i'm not sure a cat would be comfortable.
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No, I don't like the total shaving idea either.
I was thinking of a trim...I wouldn't want to do this myself though..
I would end up with a very strange looking cat I am sure
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i'll talk to the groomer and see if they can do a shortening rather than a shaving. based on Luciano's reaction i might take it a step further and just get him shaved in a few months when it's really hot. it's only april and he's already obviously bothered!
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I wouldn't shave him but that is just me. I would turn the ac up.
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I don't shave my cats but I have air conditioning too and I"m sure that helps them. A groomer can shave them down to different legnths (say an inch for example). A lot of people do have their cats shaved though.
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I have an old man himalayan and I am probably going to shave him when it gets hot. I will most likely wait a bit and see how he acts in the warm house and I'll only shave him completely if he seems bothered. Otherwise, I try to get out the clippers every so often and shave his belly and arm pits and down his legs and up on the sides of his body every once in awhile.
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