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pregnant 6 month old kitten

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Hi i need some advice from people experienced in cats,6 weeks ago i brought a lovely kitten called tilly,i took her to the vets today because she has big swollen tummy,they told me she is pregnant ,with only 2 weeks to go approx,. Im concerned she is not mature enough to have kittens yet ,and scared she will have problems delivering her babies.Im also angry at breeder for selling me pregnant kitten. any advice would be brill.
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Even though your cat may be young, many felines have excellent instinct and can usually pick up what they need to do as their labor progresses...However sometimes, it is necessary to help out during the labor process. What specifically do you need advice on? I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning her pregnancy or the delivery and aftercare of the kittens. If you think of anything specific you'd like advice on, just let me know and i'd be happy to help you. Have a good day, and good luck with the soon to be momma kitty. Congradulations!!

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Although younger cats can have problems with delivering babies for the first time you just have to be aware of it and plan for all types of emergencies before they happen. If you are not going to get her spayed- which would be my call to do in this situation- then you just arm yourself with knowledge and supplies so when you do get to the point that the kittens are arriving you know what to do, and what to have on hand. Shame on the breeder for allowing such a young kitten to become pregnant and selling her anyway.
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You got this cat from a breeder?

Young cats have been having kittens since time began...yes, there can be a higher rate of issues, but I would not be too concerned. What does your vet say? And if you paid for this cat, I would be right back at that breeder's door having them foot any bills. If it is a purebred, you may have some kittens to sell.
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my advice to you would be to get on good terms with your vet so you dont feel embaressed asking any questions later on and so they know the situation and can helped you accordingly.

what has the breeder said about the issue?
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What breed of cat is she?

If she is a small breed like a Singapura. I would be extremely concerned, however if she is a large breed like a Maine Coon she will be fine.
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Definately go back to the breeder and at least tell you are extremely unhappy that she sold you a pregnant kitten. That is EXTREMELY irresponsible of her. Is the kitten a purebred or was she just some backyard breeder letting her cats roam around and get pregnant? It irritates me so much when I hear of things like this. Some people should obviously NOT be breeders. Anyways, I would have the cat spayed right away because I have seen mother cats this young have her kittens in the litterbox and bury them because they have no idea what is happening. OR everything could go perfectly, it is really hard to say. With the problem of overpopulation being as bad as it is, I would not let a cat have kittens in this type of situation. But that is just me.

If you do allow her to have the kittens and all goes well, please make sure the kittens are fixed BEFORE they go to the new homes. Or require that the new owners fix them and even offer to return the adoption fee if they prove that they fixed the kittens. Even go as far as finding a good vet to fix the cats, which can be done as young as 12 weeks. Just be responsible about it and please dont give the kittens away for free. Good luck and be prepared if something does go wrong. Have an emergency vets number on hand and be ready to rush them in if the young mother has any problems. Also supervise them as much as possible because I have heard of the mother cat eating the kittens if she doesn't know what else to do with them or if they are sick.

Lastly, please have her spayed as soon as she is done nursing the kittens. Have her tested and vaccinated too. I bet if the breeder was so irresponsible about letting her get pregnant, she didn't bother to test any of them either. I hope you didn't pay this horrible breeder a lot of money.
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I have to agree with Jen here - it was horribly irresponsible of the breeder to sell you a pregnant cat. But, the sad truth is that you have a pregnant cat, whether you were in the market for one or not. Have you discussed this with the breeder? What was her response?

Do you have a written sales agreement? Is there a spay/neuter clause which clearly states that the kitten was sold as a pet only and must be sexually altered by a certain age or time?

If you have a sales agreement and if this kitten was sold as a pet, then you have not purchased breeding rights nor do you have any ownership right to the kittens and must either 1) surrender the cat to her breeder for the birth and care of the kittens until such time as they are completely weaned, or 2) you must allow the kittens to be placed back with the breeder once they are weaned.

Most vets will not spay when a cat is this far along in the pregnancy. There is a drug they can use late term that will abort however it is risky and should only be a last resort. I am afraid you are going to have to bite this bullet hard and get back in touch with your breeder to work this out.

My suggestion to you is DO NOT call the breeder while possessing an attitude towards her. It won't help you. You will have to come to some sort of compromise and agree to work with her to solve this issue and progress to an outcome that is comfortable for both of you. It will help things greatly if you can keep a check on any hard feelings while you are working with her to smooth out the kinks.

Best of luck and if you would, keep us posted. I am interested to see how things go with this.

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My Kitten is not any breed she is just a standard moggy i got out of local paper,She is gorgeous .I couldnt get rid of her babies when she is so far gone thats not my decision,I suppose i will let nature take its course and hope she takes to being a natural mother and doesnt harm her babies....
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So does this breeder, breed domestics?

Have you spoke to the person who "bred" her?
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Mavericks mama was only 6 months when she had Maverick and raised her and her brother just fine. the granny cat however was a terrible mother, she abandoned litter after litter and left them all to die.

its just the roll of the dice hows shes going to react but cat instincts are very strong.

i dont think you'll get anything out of speaking to the breeder so i would just talk it down to experience.

read everything you can get your hands on on pregnant cats and stock up on the essentials eg. kitten milk replacement and bottle should the worst come to the worst.

try this site too: www.kitten-rescue.com

and good luck
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