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There's this commercial . . .

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I know this is picky but . . .

Did you ever something that just bugs you? Something that every time you see it, you know the person who came with the idea is a complete idiot on some level?

Well, there's this tv commercial . . .

It's for Gateway computers and this cow is talking to a guy. Content is not important. What kills me is this: The cow "talks" with a MAN's voice. Why is this a problem? Because cows are female! They give MILK which is a result of giving birth which (unless this has changed recently) is something only FEMALES do! Arrggghhhhh! What braindead Madison Avenue tech geek came up with this gem? Clearly someone who has never been around an animal bigger than a guinea pig!

Or that cereal commercial where there's 3 slacker types in a farmhouse and the door slams. One guy says to the token chick "Where's he going?" She says he's going out to get milk and there is a shot of the guy heading toward a cow out in a field. The first guy says something like, "Well, he's in for a big surprise. That's a boy cow." I mean "BOY COW" !?!?!? Isn't that a BULL? Would the guy even get that close to the animal?

Even Nickelodeon did it. They used to have a little thing they showed between shows, like a commercial but not actually a commercial, like the old Schoolhouse Rock stuft. It was about a girl Mary Sue and her friend Drew who was a cow. And Drew also spoke in a very bass voice. I e-mailed them about it and they never got back to me, but they pulled the spot within a week. I mean, we went from seeing it 2 or 3 times a day to not seeing it at all! So I don't know if I had anything to do with that, but . . .

Now that I've ranted, one of you farm people is going to tell me that in fact there are male cows, but unless that happens, as far as I know, the males are bulls and they DON'T give milk!

Thank you for letting me rant about this, I know it's minor, it just really gets to me!
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:LOL: Ya hafta wonder what people are thinking sometimes. I often wonder the same thing when I hear a really crappy song. I can't imagine who sat there and said "Oh yeah! Thats perfect, lets air it!"
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I work in the music business, and believe me, there is more to getting a record on the air than what it sounds like! It's frustrating sometimes, but since this system has been in place since the beginning, it's not going to be changing anytime soon. Take my word for it, there are always going to be bad records on the air! :laughing:
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Since I'm ranting . . .

You know the song that kills me? Paul McCartney's "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime". That man has written better music than that for years (though I think his lyrics suffer without Lennon) and I KNOW that makes it on the air simply because it's Sir Paul.

It's funny, though, most of what I consider "bad" music, I thought was just a matter of personal taste. And of course I have completely offended someone who likes that song, too!

Sorry, I'm really going to shut up now . . . {slinks into the corner and covers head}
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Thats true to a point. But some stuff is just all around bad! For instance, not a single person I know thinks Geri Halliwell can sing worth a fig. Sorry to offend any fans :tounge2:
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I liked the commercial with the slackers and the "boy cow", to me anyway, the fact that the guy calls it a "boy cow" instead of a "bull", or even a "steer" adds to the humour of the commercial.

There are loads of other ads that annoy me though, but I wont even get started! :laughing2:
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I don't think I've seen those commercials

I'm trying to think if there are any that drive me nuts, and I can't think of any.
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Oh, I just HATE the one where the kid is eating peanut butter off a spoon and then gives some to the yellow lab next to him... the dog sits there and licks his chops for the whole commercial: slurp, slurp, slurp, slobber, slurp... EWWWW!!!!

Let's see... that's all I can think of off the top of my head. But that's enough. I'm bothered just thinking about it!

On the other hand, my FAVORITE commercial is the one where all the Budweiser Clydesdales are playing football. Anyone else seen that one?
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Sunlion!!!!!!!! You just made me laugh so hard with this thread, you just crack me up!!!! :LOL: ( In a good way, that is)

As a farm gal, trust me, you are right...there is no such thing as a male cow.... :laughing:

I haven't seen the first commercial you metioned, the gateway one, but I have seen the second one, and although I got a chuckle out of it, I thought the guy who was out "milking" the bull must be some kind of a moran not to realize what he was "milking" I hope he didn't drink any of it!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Also it is so cool that you remember the "schoolhouse rock" stuff....I hadn't thought of that in years, but yes, I do remember it!!! :LOL: (I am old, what can I say) :laughing:

This is such a cute thread, thanks sunlion!!!

Their are several commercials that really irritate the crap out of me lately.....I don't know if I can remember them, but one I can remember is the one advertising those 'handi wipes' for your car, wheere they are all singing , John Jacob Jingle Himer Scmidtts,(or whatever the heck it is) and the kid gets a face full of ice cream when his mom hits a bump, and she bends clear down to look under the seat for something to wipe his face off with, and ends up going off the road, almost crashing the car, and being airlifted by a crane or something, I can't remember exact details. :LOL:
I think it is cute, and it IS funny, but yet, it irritates me, cause no normal person would act like that! " uh lets take our eyes off the road for awhile to bend clear over and look under the seat" :laughing:

Oh, and Jin, I haven't seen that budweiser commercial yet, but it sounds cute! I love those horses! ( I also loved the lizards....where did they go??? ) :laughing: :LOL:
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Ok, I haven't seen any of these commercials - probably cos their not aired over here, but I just wanted to agree with Melissa - Geri Halliwell sucks!! (I know I know...I've said it before...but I have some serious issues with that woman! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha).....PLEASE don't get me started on her.... I WILL become violent got it?!!! arrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!
(again, apologies to anyone who does like her!! ha ha ha)
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I agree - there are some unbelievably irritating commercials. There is on in Canada asking for "junior seniors" to help "senior seniors". What is that? What is the defination of a junior or senior senior?
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I hate those commercials that make fun of old people. The older couple have friends over and they shake them to get the extra change so they can survice on social security. There's another where the grandmother is in a suitcase and gets out at the airport and her husband is coming down the luggage chute in a suitcase. The one where the son comes over and tells the old parents to take up lawn mowing so they can make money to live on. I think it is the same company but can't think of the name, Cesco? I should write to them about these tasteless commercials.
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I agree, I don't like any commercials that make fun of older people.

I thought of another one I hate....the one for some wireless phone, where the lady calls home and says how are the kids? and the lady watching them seems to think she said, Flour the kids, so cut to pic of kids covered in flour....how dumb??????

But the one commercial I really did want to ask if any of you have seen, cause I saw it last night for the first time, and just LOVED it.....

It is for the new Nyquil Nightime cough syrup.....

It shows this woman sound asleep in bed, with her cat sound asleep at the foot of the bed.....
Suddenly the woman bolts straight up in bed and lets loose with one of those horrible deep down coughs, that we all have had at some point, and the poor startled cat screetches and jumps straight up to the ceiling.
Then they give their little speil about is you cough keeping you up at night, blah, blah, and then they show the woman looking around for her cat, and going, here kitty? and then they show a shot of the cat, laying on one of the blades of the ceiling fan, which is going round and round, looking down at her.... it is too funny!!! :laughing:
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Debby: That one sounds cute with the cat. Once in a while some of them are clever and make you laugh. I used to like the one where the boss asks the kid with the two toned hair about stocks and the kid was talking to the boss like he was his friend. The boss tries to act like he was jumping all over this kid so the secretaries wouldn't know he was getting stock advice. It was funny and not repulsive.

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swear to God, I was getting ready to post about about the wireless phone commercial about 'flouring' the kids, and say I love it! The kids look so sweet sitting there giggling, covered in flour. I also like the other ones in that series, the one with Charo, where the husband brought her home because he thought his wife said 'bring home charo' when she really said 'let's go hiking tomorrow' and there's a new one with captain & tenille.
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AP, well, I'll admit the kids DO look pretty cute sitting there all covered in flour and giggeling!!! :laughing:

I just saw the Captain & Tenille one last night, it WAS funny! It had something to do with football, is all I can remember, but it was really good.... Have you seen that cat one (for Nyquil) I mentioned?
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