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Butt Dandruff O_O

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I was brushing elliot when I noticed some flakes on his bum ^_^ So anyone know how I can get rid of his butt dandruff? I dont think I should use a dandruff shampoo, but maybe a safe moisturizing shampoo and give him a bath? Or is there some sort of medicine I can buy at the vets? Im not sure we can afford to take him to the vet unless its an emergency O_O OMG when I was grooming him, I got like.. a basebal size amount of hair off of him O_O GEEZE and he's not even a long hair cat. I just groomed him like a week ago xD but it is shedding season O_O so anyways, any help or advice would be great ^_^ Thanks!

I looked at the sticky hissy posted, and he's not losing clumps of hair, eh doesnt scratch or bite at it that much, and I looked through his whole coat with a comb and its pretty much confined to his bum ^_^ It doesnt hurt him and when I combed over teh area he just let out a kind of "mrrrarrrwfff" like he liked it o_O He was purring. So yeah its most likely just dandruff

O_O ITS not walking dandruff either, because it doesnt move O_O No mites

and he's definitely getting enough fat Im not sure if I remember but I think he might have had this at the beginning of last spring too and then it just went away in the fall, so it could just be associated with his shedding O_O

I've been poking around online looking for stuff adn I think the problem is I dont groom him enough.. usualy I groom him once a week if I remember O_ otherwise I just leave him as he is... but I never knew about the oils that needed to be distributed throughout the coat O_O I thought grooming was just a shedding/social thing O_O Well now I know better ^_^

ONE MORE EDIT I decided I wanted to look at it more, so I took my mom's eyebrow trimmer (Dont tell her :O ) put on the safety thing (so the shaving part wouldnt touch his skin) and cut a tiny patch of fur away so I could lok at his skin better. I was amazed when I looked and there was like no more dandruff because I had shaved it off O_O SHould I just shave his bum? xD He is a medium haired cat, and maybe I should at least trim his fur a little bit? It would also help with sheddding O_O I've never trimmed a cat before O_O

(Oh, and I apologize about all the O_O things and the XD ... i just do it O_O I dont know why )
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I would not shave him, it's not going to help the dandruff. Although he may be getting enough fat, it may not be the right kind. The kind that helps dry skin/dandruff is fish oil which contain omega 3 or 6 fatty acids.
Dandruff can also come from skin that is too oily.
You only want to use a shampoo or conditioner made for cats. Most large pet supply stores have a wide variety. I happen to like and use a product called Hylyt, it's made by DVM. You can purchase it online, or through some vets.
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Is he overweight? Many fat cats get extra dandruff on their lower back; they have a hard time reaching there to clean. Also, a fine-toothed flea comb works well for combing out the dandruff.
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what kind of food do you feed him? If you just buy a cheapo grocery brand of cat chow then your cat could have bad skin and fur from that, among a variety of other problems that come from crappy food like that. Look for a good quality of cat food, like Nutro Natural or my personal favorite, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and you can specifically look for one that says for a clean healthy shiny coat. Steer clear from any food easily found at your local grocery store.
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THanks everyone for helping. He is a tiny bit overwieght, though since I got Aerowyn he is skinnier I think he weighs 16-18lbs. He's an orange cat too and bigger then most orange cats. I think I will try giving him oil that is good for him with his food, and ILl have to get a flea comb ( My cats have never had fleas O_O ) but that cat food stuff? We dont ahve any fancy pet stores or anything here, all we have is kmart and piggly wiggly and gas stations O_O I usually buy friskies chef's blend. I cant afford any of that fancy stuff O_O But the oil should work Thanks again for the help :P
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Just remember that poor quality food like that can lead to serious health problems later on. My cat was having some major problems which resulted in him peeing all over the house. The vet said feed a better quality food without all the chemicals before the chemicals and bad things in the food kill him and I did. Now he is basically fine.
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I hope the dandruff clears up soon. Normally it is the result of a poor quality food.
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I too have a dandruffy cat, and our vet suggested giving half a teaspoonful of cod liver oil two or three times a week. It certainly helps, and she likes it enough for it to count as a treat!

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the odd thing is.. that as soon as I remembered to brush and comb him every day, the dandruff went down! There's hardly any left, so I'm thinking it comes with his shedding O_O BUt I will still be getting him more oil in his diet just in case
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