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My cats hate each other

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I have 2 kitties that have been together for the last 4 yrs. they get along real well. They are persians so they go in every 6 mos and get groomed. when they come home-they are alittle bit angrey with each other until they can smell eathother again and then are fine. (takes about 3 days or so).

WELL.... this last time they were groomed--a whole different story. I has been over 1 week and still hissing and fighting. One of the cats, sophie, is the more dominant one while Veda (older and wiser kitty is very submissive). Sophie will basically chase veda back under the bed whenever Veda comes out. if Veda is out and sophie sees her she will will taunt her and veda will growl and they will hiss at each other and then sophie will chase Veda under the bed.

We pull veda out of the bed and put her on the couch with us. She feels safe with us and all is good until we aren't constantly watching them.

I have tried the perfume thing on them and the vanilla and the separation thing. NOTHING WORKS> I am pregnant too--some say it could be my hormones.

Also, Sophie the dominant one is not good with kids at all. She scratches and hisses them and hates other people. My mom is telling me that I will probably need to find another home for sophie--but I don't want to. HELP!!!
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They are reacting to either the stress of the grooming visit, or the groomer might have used different shampoo on the other cat. Is there anyway you don't have to take them in to be professionally groomed? I had a Persian awhile back that I helped to rescue and other than the first initial shave, all grooming was done here in the home. Is there a mobile groomer that can come to you?

Look into the comfort zone room diffusers and buy a couple and plug them in. It is just going to take time, and I would seriously consider grooming your cats yourself daily and cut off the need for professional grooming. Not to scare you, but a few years ago I took my cat into a professional groomer. He died three days later. They used the wrong shampoo on him and he got poisoned.

As I said, try and groom these guys daily. You can also brush brewer's yeast into the fur to make the smell neutralize. Do not overlook the fact that if one cat is getting beat up by the other, than that one cat could also be ill. Cats are very intuitive and often when one cat is getting picked on, it is because he is ill.
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they have always been ok with grooming before--they have had this done about 10 times and never had a problem. but yes, I will now be looking into getting a mobile groomer. nope-tried grooming at home. they get mats even though we brush them everyday--just the way they are. they don't even let us clip their nails (not declawed) but that isn't really the problem now-- it is to get them together again.

How do I know if one cat is sick? she isn't throwing up or anything ... sleeps alot but that is normal and is running for treats every morning like usual. Should I take them BOTH into the vet to see what is going on?
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