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First of all I want to congradulate Michele on her Ginness (a tortie male kitten) who took Second Best of the Best overall in a cat show in Connecticut this past weekend. Way to go Ginness. The second announcement I'm not really happy about but I do understand. Rene has told me tonight that she has decided to leave the site because she's sick and tired of all the flamming and nastyness that has been going on. She doesn't like being quoted on something that she did not say. She said that she thought this was a great site to help all with cats but it has turned into something she's not proud of. She is still a member but will not be posting. I have my own feelings of this site but will not go into it. Anyway, we really lost a person who was a real asset to the site and to all cat lovers. It's a shame that this site is becoming a cat fight.

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Well, I have to say that I understand why Rene is leaving. It has been a bit "bumpy" lately around here. I think most people try not to say things that are out of line, but there are a few people who need to be careful in how and what they say. It is so easy to misinterpret someones post, because its hard to "hear" how they are really saying it.
I hope she changes her mind, and returns. I have to say in defense of TCS though, that most of the time people represent themselves in a mature way and usually it doesn't get too out of hand. I think the few posts she may be referrring to were just recently and were a bit "not nice".
Tell her we'll miss her.
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I too am sorry Rene is leaving, she has been a great asset to the site.

Hopefully she'll check in, if only just to "lurk", and if you're here now Rene...
Happy Holidays!
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Oh Frannie, I am so sorry to hear that Rene is leaving us!!!
I hope she will come back!!! She is such a great asset to this site, and I know Anne will agree with me, and I hope the person who quoted her, without it being what she actually had said, feels bad that they have made such a wonderful person feel like leaving this site.
I agree, the flaming has gotten out of control, and we are discussing, although nothing has been decided, having a warning system, you know like, 3 strikes and your out, kind of thing.

People CAN be banned from here, and we don't want to do that, but if that is what it comes to, then we will have no choice.

We want this site to remain friendly, and not have people walking on eggshells afraid to post some things, cause they might be flamed.

Anne has done such a beautiful job with this site, I was one of the very first members, and have watched it grow and become one of the best forums on the net, and I will not let all her work go down the drain because some people cannot 'play' nice. We are adults here. If people have issues and problems, fine, discuss them, but don't treat the rest of us like the dogs that got kicked when you got home, so to speak. In other words, DON'T take your anger out on other members.
Disagreeing is fine, we all disagree about one thing or another, as long as you disagree in a nice way, without making the other person feel like total crap.

There, that's my 2 cents worth, so PLEASE tell Rene to stay!!! We will miss her!!!!!! Tell her not to give up on the site, just because of one person. We love her too much.
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