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POOPING in my sinks!!!!

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I have a (sp) Hymalaen named Prince who is approximately 8 yrs old. I am new to TCS. I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere. If I don't close my bathroom door, or cover up my kitchen sink, he will go to the bathroom in them, not just urinate either...usually it is the other. I've changed kitty litters numerous times..I scoop it out daily. He has been doing this since I got him. Any suggestions? Extremely unsanitary, my new Husband hates this...and I don't want to get rid of him. HELP!!!
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Usually that is a sign that either there is something medically wrong with him, or it is a behavioral problem. How long have you been married? Sometimes cats (especially older ones) are very set in their ways. Was the cat yours or did your husband have him before you were married? Did this start AFTER you got married. If so, chances are he's a little upset there's a new person living in his house. First, have him checked by a vet. If he is cleared medically, you have to look at the possibilities.

First, did you change the litter gradually? If not, he may be used to one kind of litter. If so, go back to it. Cats don't like change. Cats have a distinct way of telling their humans there's a problem. You might want to have more than one box, in case the other one is too dirty to his liking (cats are also very clean animals).

Good luck and keep us posted.
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I would agree with Donna, cats will not go out of the box unless something is physicaly wrong or they are under serious stress. The visit to the vets office is a good idea!
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I have one more suggestion, although taking the cat to the vet is a must. You might try relocating the litter box. One of my cats urinated in my husband's room when we had moved the litter box into a noisier place, even though it was just a few feet away from the old location. Think about light, noise, and people traffic around the litter box location.

Also, if you have the money, you might want to splurge on two or three kitten litter boxes, filling them up with different kinds of kitty litter. Then place them in several different corners of the house. By giving him several choices, you might find out more quickly which kind of litter and which location he prefers.

And when you're testing different kinds of litter, alternate between clump and no clump and among unscented kinds. Good luck!
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