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bitey kitten

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he's 6 weeks old and bites EVERYTHING!

he bites me, he bites his mama, he bites clothes lying on the floor, he'll bite whatever he can!

in the morning Maverick will run to me to be stroked and held and fussed, he'll run over as fast as he can to bite my leg.

He bites poor Maverick (his mum) constantly and she even refused to feed him for a while because of it.

he has no siblings as he is from a litter of one- too much energy?

should i start to try to train him to stop biting things? Maverick was never like this, she was such a good kitten in comparison!

i'm worried he'll get even more lonely because people are going to be relctant to play with a bitey monster
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Hopefully Maverick will teach the little guy some manners!

This thread may be of some help to you. It's actually about bottle-babies, but you can reinforce what Maverick is teaching him.
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thanks for that. my bf jokes that i'm the kittens second mum as it is! he says the kitten think of me as the hairless mama who doesnt bite when he's naughty.
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