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Back draft

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Excuse me, if you insist on sitting on my nap spot, I'll do to your face what I did to the back of your shirt!
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That told you!!

Yayi you should put that in to caption this, it's brilliant!
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I forgot part 2!
Joji won back her nap spot!
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Awwwwwwwwwww just to prove kitties do get their own way!
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Ohhh definitly caption this material for the rest pic!
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Yes you should enter it in the Caption This Contest! That's so funny!
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Awww, pretty Joji has a diva attitude!!
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Fantastic´s pic´s Yayi!!! Joji is sooo cute
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That's wonderful! It confirms that we are here to serve our kitties!
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Now we know who rules the roost - and the rooster!
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That is hilarious!!!!!! Perfect caption for that pic. How cute.
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Joji really knows how to lay down the law! I agree with everyone that you should enter the Caption This Contest!
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So cute
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You go miss Joji !!
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Snert, sorry but that looks like jasper in his "bitey mode"....great picture!
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Thank you everyone! I was going to enter it in the April contest (Cats behaving badly), but I was late!
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Cute pics Yayi! I can see who's boss around there!
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