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Prayer Request...

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Please say a prayer for or send good thoughts to my cat, Simon.

As some of you may remember, he was exposed to Coronavirus about 20 months ago and, thankfully, has not experienced any problems. (His half-sister died from the illness.) Over the past two weeks, he seems to have a decrease in his litterbox output (both in terms of urine and fecal matter). Over the past 3-4 days, he seems to be running an intermittent fever (warmer-than-normal ears/ toe pads; dry nose; tiredness). Although he has a very slight decrease in appetite, his overall behavior is about the same, though he's less active at 10pm, his normally active time. (I attribute this to the fact that his temp., as with humans, seems to spike toward the evening.) His weight, for now, is unchanged.

I'm making a vet appointment for him tomorrow. We'll likely have more bloodwork done to try to determine if there's any possible FIP activity going on. I'm hoping and praying my hardest that it's not FIP related and that it's not something that could affect FIP.

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our thoughts and love are with you & Simon at this time

please let us know what the vet says tomorrow!!

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I just said a prayer for Simon.
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Simon is in my thoughts!
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prayer sent for simon
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Simon.
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All paws crossed here.
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Sending lots of healthy vibes for Simon
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Simon is in my thoughts and prayers.
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You and Simon are both in my thoughts! Please update us as soon as you know something?
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Sweet Simon is in my prayers.
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Sending many good vibes Simons way!
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Prayers from me and Salem. Good vibes your way.
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Good luck Simon and Jen - sending all good thoughts and best wishes to you!
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I do hope it's not serious - good luck.
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