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I'm all nervous!

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I am working on getting out there more as a creative artist. I consider myself an improving writer and sculpture (oddly enough my skill with a pencil and paper is atrocious). So today I tried an experiment, I put some of my sculptures up on Ebay!

I'm so nervous for some reason. I put a fair sized reserve on them, because I really love them and don't want to sell them for less. But I guess I'm worried they won't sell for enough, or something. I tell myself it's an experiment, but I'm just nervous!

So I came to The Cat Site to nervous all over everyone.

Here is what my latest art series looks like:

The ones at the beginning and end I gave to friends, the ones in the middle are on ebay. It's sort of in a Pop-Asian-Art style, simple and clean, a little dark.

If you are curious I have more art here. Some of it a little more traditional. I need to keep working if I want to leave this desk job someday (sooner rather than later!)

I get verbose when nervous.
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They're pretty good! You'll do well I'm sure.
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Very nice and Unique you will have no problems selling your art.
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Very nice work Sara. I'm not a sculpter, but I go to an art school and your work looks very professional to me. I really liked the black and white man and woman and the horse like creature. Good luck on Ebay!!!
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Oh they are neat! Good luck and let us know how they go!
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Sara, these are really uniwue and I have no doubt you'll be a fresh and in-demand talent on Ebay!!!
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement! That was just what I needed. Not too say I'm not nervous still, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again.
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Oooo Sara!!! Those are lovely!!! I just might have a looksey on ebay at your other pieces!! Very cool!!!
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Oooooooo. I'm actually on that link you gave right now and I love the little green (cat??alien??) with the arm in a sling!!!! And the lovers entwined is AMAZING!! Excelent work!!!!
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You have no reason to be all nervous!!! Those are cool, you definitely have your own vision and style. They're great Sara!
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I wish I could take total credit for the cat with the arm in the sling, but let me instead turn you onto one of my favorite artists, with the unfortunate name of Deth P Sun (it's his real name, it's Chinese, and no, thats not how it's pronounced).

Here is his main page and here is his art. He used to have more up.

I did a sculpture rendition of one of his paintings which is no longer up.
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Good luck with your auction! I'm sure you will do well!

I wish I was artistic *sigh*
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I looked at some of your other things also, in the link provided, and you are amazing! Very, very impressive in my opinion.

Good luck on Ebay!!! Let us know how it goes!!!
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Those are cool!
I know how you feel, wanting to "break out". I am curious about alot of things, because I am an artist, too, & have thought about selling stationary on E-Bay, maybe as a start. There is this big art festival coming up this weekend in Melbourne, Florida, I bet your work would be something different & fresh. I have dreamed of being in it for so long, but am scared. It would be a wonderful feeling to sit there & display my work & talk to people, but I am terrified of them wanting to actually commision me to do a peice.
I'm just curious about how old you are, if you are self-educated, how much have you invested, etc...
I wish you the best of luck & hope you do well-let us know!
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I think the one on the far right looks the best.
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Sara even if they dont sell right away dont give up! My b/f sells violins and chellos on ebay and one week they wont sell but the very next week they will, its very fickle. Your work is amazing I'm sending good vibes your way, good for you for being ambitious and pusuing this!
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Thanks again for all the kind words.

Hydroxe/Ryan - That probably my favorite too, it's the first I made and I gave it to a friend for Christmas. I was at her place yesterday trying to figure out how I did it.

Me-N-My-Guys: Florida is on the opposite coast of me, I'm a SoCal girl. But we have plenty of art shows here too, I'm just terrifically shy as well. I'm not afraid of people asking me to do stuff for them, I'm just afraid of people, period. But I'm working on it. I figured ebay is a good, anonymous way to start.

I'm 22 and... sort of self taught. I took a million ceramics classes when I was 5 to about 12. And I recently took a sculpture class at a local university (the two clay figures on my art page, laying nude and bust are the result). I actually went to film school for college. And I haven't invested too much yet (especially compared to college tuition!), I'm just starting/experimenting.

What kind of art do you do?

I'll let everyone know how it goes...
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