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Mommy feral

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I had posted awhile back about a female feral,I am postive that she had her babies some 3 or 4 weeks ago, now I haven't seen her for 3 days would it be harder for her to come to be fed if they are getting older, A friend that feeds sometimes said she fed her on wed 4/13 but she didn't show up till about 11:30 pm,We always leave food out also, she usually shows up at around 8 pm pretty much all the time, I have not seen her for 3 days at all, I am quite concerned, I pray that nothing has happened to her and those babies I will never be able to forgive myself. I'm wondering if it's just harder for her to get to eat at a certin time like before, I am just sick about this..I will go tonight and stay and look after all the stores close, as she is in that busy shopping center parking lot, I have been so upset and crying for 2 days. Also when would she be bringing the babies to the food? Thanks all
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When they are out in the world, they are at risk, that is the truth. Please do not make yourself sick over this. It is possible someone else is feeding her in another location, that quite often happens when the kittens start "traveling" with mom. Keep putting food out as you always have, in the same places and don't go looking for her if you are stressed, crying or upset, because she will sense the distress and will not show herself.
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