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How do we know if she's in heat?

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We'll be visiting the Vet soon, so hopefully the Vet will be able to tell us if Lily is mature.

But any advice you can offer will be gratefully received. Lily is 8 months now and because of their small size Singapuras mature at a slower rate. It can take anything up to 15 months before they come into their first heat apparently. Although the norm is less than that - often around 1 year old.

Our other girls were just spayed at 6 months regardless so we never had to look out for the signs.

So, how will we know when she's in heat - is it really obvious or are the signs subtle?
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Beth- it really varies on the individual cat.

Some of the signs are rolling around on the floor, with her butt in the air. Becoming REALLY friendly. YOWLING really really loud. Some females are silent callers though, although this is rare.

Trust me Beth you will know when Lily is in heat.
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I guess the fact we haven't noticed anything means she isn't and hasn't been yet

Can the vet tell whether she's mature by a physical exam e.g. palpating the abdomen or is it purely something she has to test either chemically or from the signs Sam mentioned?
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Beth- I'm not sure about that. When they first come into heat, that's how we tell around here that they have reached sexual maturity. Most of our girls first come into heat at about four months old, of course we don't mate them until they are cats.
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Thanks Sam . She'll be going for her vaccination soon, so we should be able to see if there's anything the Vet can tell us.
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That's awesome, Beth. My pleasure. Give her a from me!
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Beth when Rosie went in to be spayed the nurse checked her over before i left and asked if she was in heat by crying a lot etc...like how Sam described.

I said she was a chatterbox to start with and often meowed a lot(She still does!)so i didn't know?!.

She also asked if i had noticed her washing more down below as it was a bit red?, so theres another sign to watch for.

The vet checked her over and luckily Rosie was just over grooming herself.
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No, haven't noticed anything like that Susan - but thanks for the info. She chatters anyway like Rosie and has always been scrupulous about her underneath the tail bits - so it's difficult to tell. She's a very prissy kitty - everything has to be just right
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