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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
I think I'm seeing a pattern here. That black cats are not lap cats! Is this being seen by others?

I have a black cat and he's NOT a lap cat.
My Katie, who's black, is a total lap cat. Whenever and wherever I sit down, she's there! Gracie has evolved into more a lapcat over the years, but it has to be on her terms. Peter is heading in that direction.
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all 3 of my cats are lap cats, and my sister-in-law is jealous because all her cats are mean and never want to be touched...one hisses at everyone and will attack if you try and touch it...the others just a loner, and the newest is 5 weeks old and seems to have become a bit mean too, maybe getting it from the other 2?
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Tailer and Harvey are lap cats...especially hubby's lap (but mine will do if they're in a pinch). Forest is NOT a lap cat...he HATES to be picked up at all. I think he needs to feel in control...it may have something to do with his disability. (But there are a lot of CH kitties who are total lap cats.)
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
my god its true!!!! i've never met a black lapcat.
Sheba is a total lap cat, and she is black. But then Purdy, an orange long-hair is the biggest lap cat of all. The late Guard Cat, a brown long-hair, was also a lap cat.

Red Cat, an orange tabby, used to be a lap cat in his younger days, now he only sits in my lap if I put him there, but he turns around on the floor like he is expecting me to do so. I think the problem with him is that he is almost five pounds heavier than in his younger days and I am about 20 pounds lighter. My lap is a bit small for him now, and I suspect at some point he must have tried to jump in my lap, scratched me and I screamed. Instead of jumping in my lap, he usually jumps on my desk, lies down in front of the monitor and bares his throat for a l-o-n-g petting session.

Nature or nurture? Who knows? I got them all as adults.
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