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Finally picked out a Queen!

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Well after a looong time of waiting for this particular breeding to occur I was finally able to travel to the breeders and pick out my new queen. It took about 8 hours to get there so we stayed overnight at a hotel and visited the breeder the next day. She and her four sisters were five weeks old when I got to see them. I had already picked her from her pictures but had to inspect the cattery and meet the breeder first (I'm taking no chances). She is fabulous! An F-4 (or SBT) leopard spotted Bengal. She has a great profile, fabulous small ears, large eyes, great whisker pads and chin, whited tummy(so far, her mother has a whited tummy too but it can fade in kittens, i'm hoping it stays). Oh and yes, she has a fabulous coat. I was more concerned with her boning and facial structure though. The coat is very clear with nice mid-size rosettes.

The breeder named her Calista but I will be changing that. I'm unsure if people steal cat names or just cattery names before they are registered though so i'm keeping a tight lid on it until it is registere, for now she is Calista.

Here she is!

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Awww Congratulations! Calista is adorable.
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She is absolutely adorable!!! I love those little spots!
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I don't really think her personal name could be stolen per se with her breeder's prefix on the name since that's already been registered. Have you noticed how many Legolases and Gandalfs there are running around lately Personally I think Calista (or Callista) is kinda neat, but then I'm weird anyway . I absolutely adore those spots! My sister recently became interested in Bengals and consequently I've been looking into them a bit, but it's really up in the air as to if she will be "allowed" to get one as her husband is allergic.
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Her little muzzle is gorgeous! She's got such puffy little whisker pads! Please post pics on here as she grows.
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Yes i've noticed a lot of cat names repeat. Thing is my real name is Melissa and having grown up in a time when that was a very popular name for kids I was usually one of several in every class. I HATED that. I try and name my animals somthing unique that at the very least not many others have because I still cringe every time I see someone with my name. So far I have Envy(Bengal) Chaos(Siamese x) and Kerysma (Puffer Fish).
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congrats.. she's beautiful
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What a beautiful little girl
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She is sooooo pretty!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
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Originally Posted by Payge
<snip>... So far I have Envy(Bengal) Chaos(Siamese x) and Kerysma (Puffer Fish).
Sorry, I had to comment on this although it's a bit OT. You named a puffer fish Kerysma (Charisma?) There's nobody else in the tank, is there ? (Although I will admit they are cute!)

On topic, you're right of course about the names. We've had the dickens of a time coming up with something unique for the two Maine Coon boys we're waiting on, while at the same time wanting it to be fantasy and/or Tolkien oriented. That's how I know about all of the Legolases and Gandalfs , oh, not to mention Galadrials (but how come no Celeborns ?)
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Hehe well there used to be quiet a few other inhabitants of the tank, and Kerysma was nice to all of them (amazingly including the 100 snails I got for her to graze on!) Unfortunately when we moved our heater broke in the middle of the night and only Kerysma and the snails survived

I have a little bit of help in the names department for inspiration, my Fiance plays an online fantasy roleplaying game. I just log on there, sit in a city and watch people go by. Many of them have very unique names.
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Wow! She's absolutely gorgeous! Hope everything goes with her.
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oh my gosh, what a beautiful furbabie
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CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you could see how "green with envy" I am right now. What a beautiful animal.
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Gorgous!! Can I ask what breeder you got her from? Feel free to bring her down to sacramento and breed her with Luxor (my bengal stud) so I can get pick of the litter (just a joke unless you don't want it to be-hehe)
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Thank you all for the sweet comments, I think she is fabulous too but then, I'm biased . While Luxor is gorgeous I haven't decided yet which way i'm going to go as far as studs. My priority is to mate her with a stud with small ears and a straight profile. She is from Calcatta, bred from Chantez(Dam) and Custom Made(Sire). I saw one of Customs sons at a cat show and was hooked on the line. She was 4 weeks old at the time that picture was taken.
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Oh yes im familiar with Calcatta. Actally she has one of Luxors daughters (Roulette) which is an upcoming queen. You can see her on the calcatta website under "upcoming queens". Isn't calcatta custom made simply devine!! I admire the coat on that one.
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Actually Roulette is due to have kittens on May 8th(just checked the website)! Im tickled to see what she'll produce since she is one of Luxor's daughters!
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