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Having Surgery Tomorrow

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Well I am having surgery at 10am tomorrow on my foot. Already have my thanksgiving dinner cooked so will just have to heat it up and eat. Anyhow don't know when I will be back here on the computer. So have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Hope it goes well!

Praying for the doctors, too.
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Meme: I hope and pray that you will be well soon!
Kisses and hugs from my fur family!
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because I'll be worried silly until I hear from you hon. Lord,I finally find me a woman and they want to cut pieces of her off.

Seriously though...I will be keeping watch.
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Meme.....my thoughts will be with you tomorrow, please let us know as soon as possible how you are doing!!

And your wonderful Wayne just made the most romantic post above this one...wow....he truley does love you, and that should put a big smile on your face as you go into surgery!!!!
We will all be thinking about you! I may not be back online for a couple days, so if I miss how you are doing, it is not cause I don't care!!!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS*
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Sunlion & Debra.....
Thanks for the well wishes. They are very much appreciated.

Stop being such a worry wort! Love you baby

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Thanks Debby... you always make me smile!!! Its not major surgery, just the removal of a bunion. But will make it hard to get around for awhile, sigh. I am almost getting used to foot surgery as this will make my 4th one.

I already did my xmas shopping and have T-day dinner already cooked. Will just need to be heated.

Wayne will probably worry all day tomorrow until he gets in from work and can find out how I am doing. Poor man will be sicker then me probably.

Have a nice T-day!!!

Love Meme
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Heal fast!!!!
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Thanks Val, I am trying to stay awake at least until midnight so I can have my last drink of water...

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Val <<~~~~~~~~~~~Scratching Meme behind the ears and using laser light for her to chase to keep her awake until midnight. hee hee

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ROTFLMAO.... boy that light thing sure is fun...purrrrr
Well only an hour to go....sigh.

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Sending you get well wishes Meme :flower: :flower: :flower:
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All the best Meme!! Hope it goes well!
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Hope the surgery goes fine for you! Take care, and get well soon.
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All the best, we are all thinking about you this morning, wishing you a quick and speedy recovery too. :flower: :flower: :flower:

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get well quick!!
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Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Make everyone wait on you hand and "foot" tomorrow! :laughing2:
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