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Candy - My little old girl - 18yrs

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Here's some pics of my cat Candy who I have had since I was 9 years old. She lives at my parents house. She is very old and frail and as light as a feather....I took these pics this afternoon in my parents back garden.

Show some respect for this little old lady

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she looks like a queen to me

very pretty, and she has sooo much hair
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Candy is a beautiful girl. She looks so loving & sweet. What a blessing to share 18 years with such a special being. We love you Candy.
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Awww Candy is a beauty
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Aw, she's so pretty! She doesn't look a day over 8.
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Gilly she's gorgeous! She certainly doesn't look 18!, and her coat looks in excellent condition
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Oh she's adorable! She doesn't look 18 at all!
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She's beautiful and she certainly doesn't look her age.
LOVE her coat pattern!!
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aww my gosh she does look beautiful
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Aww! She's beautiful!
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She's very beautiful.
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What a lovely, lovely girl is miss Candy! Love her colours.
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She is a beautiful girl!! She doesn't look anywhere near 18!!
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Wow, what a beauty Gilly! I hope I look that good when I'm 126! Cat years x 7!
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Thanks guys

She is going to be 19 in June....!

We are quite worried about her atm (that's why I thought that I would take a few pics of her). She has tooth problems on a regular basis and the last 3 times the vet has had to operate to remove her teeth. He said that if it happens again he will not risk operating because of her age and also, she has a heart murmer.

Atm, Candy is not eating anything - it's her teeth again. My mum has tried EVERYTHING. It is like she has gone on hunger strike and given up. Even baby food has been put down in front of her but she resists.... The vet said that the time is near to have her put to sleep. I know this is for the best and she will be able to join Suzie, her twin sister who was put to sleep around 7 years ago.

She is a very pretty girl and so loving. Even though my sister and I left home about 3 years ago now, she still remembers us and comes running down the garden path to see us!
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Aw Gilly, hugs to you at this hard time. She is so lucky to have lived such a wonderful life with loving caring people around her.
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Candy is such a beautiful cat. I am saddened to hear that she is having some health issues. My thoughts will be with you both.
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Candy looks as sweet as her name! And she's 18? I don't think she looks a day over 8.
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Candy, you're such a gorgeous little girl!Wow, what remarkable coloring! You have such a precious, loving face and countenance, I just want to cuddle you up and give you lots of love, Candy!
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Candy... What a beauty You are!! Stay sweet hon
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Not to dampen the spirit here, but in reading the rest of thread, I must add...Please, please, please get Candy to the Vet! Not eating can be fatal very quickly! She can develop a condition known as hepatic lipidosis. This if so dangerous! Please get her to the Vet immediately! She must eat, even if it's necessary that you force feed her! I can give you lots more info if you are interested. PLease, please get your beautiful girl to the Vet!
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My she hides her age well, she is a beauty! So regal!
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