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Very sweet
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she is adorable
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Your kitten is sooo adorable!!
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what a cuty baby!
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Oh, my goodness, but she is absolutely beautiful! I want more pictures.
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Hello Everyone

Thanks for all your lovely replys. I am glad you like my new baby girl. She is growing so much and is now out and about everywhere and eating normal food. The breeder also says she and her siblings are like fluffy teddy bears...they are just so cute.

Here is some new pictures I got today, I hope you like them. I should be going to see my little girl again in a few weeks and I can't wait as I miss her so much.

Tara at 5 weeks and 2 days old

Tara's brother Maelstrom Araleth Letheranil at 5 weeks 2 days old

Tara's Sister Maelstrom Aerdrie Faenya at 5 weeks 2 days old

I think they are all so very cute and growing so fast, I just can't wait to see my baby girl again as I miss her so much.

Hope you enjoyed the photo's and keep an eye on this post for more updated photo's

Love Eva x
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Eva she's so sweet and her mum and dad are also just as stunning!!
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Hello Everyone,

I have some up to date photo's of my baby girl Tara. She looks like she has grown so much in so little time. And the breeder describes her as a fluffy teddybear and by looking at her I think thats correct. Anyway enjoy the photo's and as ever i always love to hear your comments!

Tara at 6 weeks old

Tara at 6 weeks 4 days old.

I hope you enjoyed them and if you look back at this thread you can really see how much our baby has grown. I am so excited about going to see her soon and then I can take some more photo's. Our breeder is really lovely and keeps me updated with lots of photo's so watch this space to see our baby girl tara growing up!

Lots of love

Eva xxx
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She just keeps getting more and more adorable!
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Thank you :-D
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Eva, she is just precious! Congrats on the new baby. She is sooo sweet looking. I would love to have another kitten. Thanks for showing all the pictures. It's fun to see her grow.
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Hello Everyone,

I have a few more pictures of my beautiful baby girl, and wow she really is growing. I am going to see her next week and I have a feeling she will no longer fit in my hand.

So here are some pictures of my gorgeous girl Tara, she is now very active and running around everywhere. So this is her out on the decking at the breeders place!

She is 7 weeks and 3 days old!

I am afraid thats all i have for now, as my breeder is ill so hasn't been up to taking much lately. But she said she would try and do some shortly and then I'll come back and show you, so watch this space! I hope you enjoyed seeing my baby girl and as ever we would love to hear your comments!

Love Eva and Tara xxx
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she is so cute
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She's so adorable!!!
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What a cutie-The parents are beautiful!!!
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She is so pretty! The wait is so hard! We will be picking up Caesar in about 2 more weeks and we are so excited too! It is great that we have both found breeders that forward lots of pictures of our babies!!
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She is beautiful. Lucky her and lucky you, I am jealous. ;-)
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I just love watching Tara grow up. She gets more beautiful every day.
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wow Eva..I looked at from 1 week all the way to 7 weeks..she just gets more beautiful by the week! her mom and dad are georgous too!
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Hello Everyone,

Yes I am back and I have two more photo's to share of my beautiful baby girl. She is growing up so much and is getting fluffier by the minute. I am longing to take her home but its still at least another 3 weeks. I was meant to be seeing her yesterday but unfortunately I was too ill. But hopefully I can pop over next week as I miss her so very very much.

Anyway enough of my babbling, here is two new pictures of our baby girl

Tara at 8 weeks and 3 days

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my baby girl growing by the second. i will of course be back when I have some more. And hopefully that wont be too long!

As ever we always love to see your replies, so go on hit that button and let us know what you think? comon you know you want too??!!!

Love Eva and Tara xxx
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She's gotten so BIG!!! Awww! She's precious!
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What a precious baby is Tara!!!
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awe how cute is that!!! she's going to be a huge ball of fluff soon, nothing but fur!!! LOL she's so cute, I'm sure she'll be happy when you get her home!!
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Hi Again,

Sorry its been a while since I have posted some photo's of Tara, but I am back with more fior you to enjoy

Tara at 9 weeks and 6 days

Those photo's our lovely breeder sent us, isn't she growing up? I think she is just getting more and more beautiful...but then I am Biased.

I went to see Tara on wednesday and I was so excited. When I saw her I just couldn't beleive how gorgeous she was. She was also a lot smaller than I imagened, as the photo's make her look quite big but actually she is quite small. She is a lovely little girl and I got plently of cuddles of her, she is also a very playful girl and just loves to play with her brother and sister. I took so many pictures that day that its just so hard to choose which ones to show here. But I will try and pick a few but if you'd like to see more you can click on this link http://photobucket.com/albums/v735/eva-loves-cats/Tara/

Tara is on the left and her sister on the right

Tara loves to climb up the pipe

Tara and her sister together

Tara and her siblings and Zorry from another litter. ( Top left is Zorry, Top right is Tara's sister, Bottom left is Tara's brother and Bottem right is Tara)

Tara and her brother playing

Tara loves the toy so much, she took it for herself

Tara close up

Well there you go, lots and lots of photo's of my little girl. I can not wait till she comes home in just 7 days , just seeing her last wednesday made it all the harder to leave her.

I will keep you updated but please keep coming back and checking as you never know there might just be some more photo's of my baby girl.

I look forward to hearing your replies as I always love to hear from you

Love Eva xxx
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Tara is one of the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen. Lucky you.
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They're all so cute, but I must admit Tara is the cutest of her litter!! I'm sure it's going to seem like forever for 7 days to pass, but it's certainly worth the wait.
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Oh Eva, Tara is absolutely gorgeous! She's grown up to be quite the beautiful young lady!! I can't wait to see more pics of her!!
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She is so beautiful. I know you must be so excited. Just one week and she will be living with you. What a little doll she is. You just can't help but fall in love with her.
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I can't believe I didn't see this post earlier. That is one beautiful kitten!! She has the most pet-able looking fur! She just looks like a cozy little snuggle bug. Cute cute!!
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